A new baby product called the Babocush has parents divided. The idea behind the Babocush is fairly simple: it’s a seat for a baby to rest on, simulating the position of a parent holding a baby on their shoulder; in addition, the seat gently rocks itself. According to the Babocush company, this promotes a natural, restful situation for the baby, while affording parents the time for other important activities such as cooking, cleaning, caring for other children, and resting – something any parent of a new baby could use more of.

While the Babocush has received some very positive reviews, many in the parenting community aren’t so sure. One skeptical parent, in response to a promotional video by Babocush, said, “Really? Baby won’t hear your heartbeat, have your smell, or feel your warmth. They are tiny for such a short time. Make the most of it.” Others have voiced similar concerns about the Babocush having a negative effect on the meaningful relationship between parent and child.Other complaints have centered on the safety of the chair. Another parent, in response to the same video, which has over ten million views, remarked, “I am uncomfortable with a product which not only lays a baby on its front, but also has a pillow-in effect. Not sure I would advise families to use this.”In response to these claims, the company has released statements assuring parents of the safety of the product, stating that it’s even been shown to prevent flat-head syndrome and help babies that have acid reflux or colic.

See the controversial Babocush video here, and see for yourself what this divisive new product is all about.