iPhone 7 to be better that predecessor

Every new generation of technology pushes the limits of what was thought possible and improving what’s already out. Keeping up with changing technology is how tech companies make their name in the world.Apple is king of emerging technology, so it’s no wonder that tech gurus all over the world have their ear to the ground for news on the upcoming iPhone 7. Rumors have been swirling that the tech giant is planning on revealing some major changes from the iPhone 6 and 6s to address consumer complaints.

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One of the main complaints about the iPhone 6 was its camera. The camera lens stuck out from the back of the phone, which caused a flurry of complaints to come in because the phone wouldn’t lie flat on a table. It was mostly a complaint about the phone aesthetics. The company defended the lens, explaining that the lens is what made the iPhone 6 the best smart phone camera. Now rumors are emerging that Apple is planning to switch to a different camera lens, which should appease those who hated the protruding camera. Consumers also complained about the white band that surrounded the iPhone 6, claiming that the thin line ruined the sleek, metallic aesthetics of the phone. Now there are rumors circulating that the white band is a thing of the past. It was only on the iPhone 6 because it helped control radio waves for the aluminium-cast phone. It’s being speculated that there’s no more need for the band because the new phone will be a different material altogether. Whatever the case, it’s a certainty that Apple will break all sorts of records with the release of this new iPhone. The excitement is only beginning to build!