Female empowerment. What do these two words mean to you? According to Wikipedia, “Empowerment” refers to measures designed to increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination, in people and in communities, in order to enable them to represent their interests in a responsible and self-determined way, acting on their own authority.”

Well, here at Femde, we’d like to take it a step further and say that female empowerment is a road map created by women, laced with support and praise of other women, and guided by the power of strength bestowed upon us by the women who ruled before we did. Simply put, we are women who wish to empower other women, and in celebration of International Women’s Day we are here to do just that with this intriguing and thought-provoking campaign produced and directed by Myiea Coy entitled #TheWomenAreComing.

“Our mission with #TheWomenAreComing is to educate and inspire men and women to take a stand for equality,” says Femde founder, Liz Hausle. “It is critical to the world’s growth and development to include the entire human race. To keep women out of the conversation is to deny a better and brighter future to the world.” #TheWomenAreComing handpicked powerful women who are relatable with a strong point of view.

Here are their stories.

Julia Rose, a CEO who was told to be prepared to step down because she is a mother.

Nazanin Mandi was refused a record deal after 9/11 because of her Middle Eastern heritage.

Fiona Russell was abandoned by her father after her sister was born a girl instead of the treasured boy her father had desired.

Heather Lindsey addresses mentorship and sponsorship for women executives and entrepreneurs.

Sheila Marmon shares her story of inequality in tech and how she overcame it.

Geneva Wasserman shares her story of mentorship, friendship, and credits her mother for giving her the mindset to look at everything as an opportunity instead of an obstacle.

Nikki Bohannan shares some of the obstacles that female executives are being met with, questions of childbearing, and the struggles of being asked to choose between being a mother or being an executive. She encourages women not to choose and not limit themselves.

These are the powerful women who shared their stories and took a stand for solidarity:

Nikki Bohannon, Veteran music manager

Lorielle Broussard, General Manager for full-service digital agency First East Circular

Sara Christensen, Managing Director of External Relations for Raptor Group

Michelle Edgar, Founder and CEO of The XX Project  

Liz Hausle, Founder and CEO of the female empowerment platform Femde and board member of First East Circular

Raha Lewis, TV personality and journalist

Heather Lindsey, Respected operations specialist, entrepreneur, and advisor

Nazanin Mandi, Singer and actress

Sheila Marmon, Founder & CEO of Mirror Digital

Wynter Mitchell, Digital Strategist

Julia Rose, Founder & CEO of VaGenie

Fiona Russell, Established journalist and writer

Livia Tortella, Founder and CEO of Black Box

Geneva Wasserman, President of VW Enterprises

Each of their stories speak not just to gender inequality and racism but we also hope to inspire the next generation of curious girls to liberate themselves to live fearless and unapologetic because #thewomenarehere.