It isn’t every day that a car accident results in hundreds of pizzas being thrown on to the highway. While the accident left humans unscathed, the pizza didn’t fare so well. You’ll always be in our hearts, pizza. 

Pizza, The Way It Shouldn’t Be

On Aug. 9, 2017, a truck driver traveling down Interstate 30 in Little Rock, Arkansas, ran into a little trouble. You see, his truck was a little larger than he realized. Around 1 p.m., the truck struck Mabelvale Pike overpass, which caused the trailer to tear open. 

Thankfully, the driver was not injured, but traffic halted for miles in both directions. This may seem like an inconspicuous collision, but the contents of the trailer were far from usual. The breach caused hundreds of DiGiorno and Tombstone pizzas to spill out across the entire highway along with excess diesel fuel.

It’s Definitely Not Delivery Now

It took the Department of Transportation hours to clean up the mess of pies. The Arkansas Department of Transportation spokesperson Danny Straessle went as far as to say that there were, “Lots of pizza fatalities.”

Eventually, the road reopened, and drivers got on their way. We can’t imagine waiting for the road to reopen while staring at all those pizzas—the travesty! However, a pizza spill, while incredibly sad, isn’t even the strangest thing to have ended up on a highway.

What’s The Opposite of Pizza?

In July 2017, a truck traveling on U.S. 101 in Oregon overturned when it couldn’t stop in time to avoid construction traffic. Thus, the contents of the truck spilled onto the road and nearby cars.

The driver of one vehicle sustained minimal injuries, but no one else was hurt. However, the spilled cargo created a nightmarish scene. The truck was carrying 7,500 pounds of hagfish—aka slime eels.

Hagfish release slime when in distress, and the result of the crash left everything covered in a disgusting film.

Highway Full of Sunshine

In September 2014, a much less horrific highway scene than the one in Oregon occurred in San Diego County. A tractor trailer tipped over on Pala-Temecula road, dumping thousands of oranges onto the highway.

The driver involved in the brightly colored accident wasn’t injured, but it took hours for the mess to be cleaned up.

A College Student’s Dream Come True

Larry Scholting was driving down I-95 in North Carolina when he became too drowsy and fell asleep at the wheel. Scholting’s truck struck a guardrail, spilling the contents of the trailer across the road.

“I thought I could make it down to the truck stops in Kenly, and I didn’t quite make it. I kind of drowsed off, and next thing I knew I had taken out the guard rail,” Scholting told ABC 11 News.

Scholting was transporting the essential meal of every college student—boxes of ramen noodles. Hundreds of packs of ramen spilled out everywhere, causing a huge mess. Sadly, no one saved the food, so it all ended up in the local landfill. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll have to get our ramen noodles at our local supermarket like everyone else.