Have you spent the majority of your life reading literature, writing essays, and solving mathematical equations? We didn’t think so.

Sadly, school doesn’t really prepare us for the real obstacles that come with being an adult. How are you supposed to negotiate the right salary, save money intelligently, and get a higher education without going into major debt?

The Adulting 101 Bundle, now 93 percent off, answers all of these questions, while giving you the tools to face the real world head on. Here’s what you’ll learn:

1. Job & Resume Prep

It takes more than a solid GPA and college degree to land a good job these days, and with such a competitive market, it is imperative to get a leg up in the areas that matter.

This course weaves you through expert advice about how to create a resume that stands out, how to differentiate yourself on LinkedIn and how to truly grab an employer’s interest. Learn interviewing tactics and get network building and negotiation tips in order to finally land the job you want.

2. Finance, Debt, and—Gasp!—Buying a Home

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but a secure, intelligent financial plan certainly helps. Learn how to build and manage your credit score in order to pave the way to buying a house or car down the line.

Even if that’s not in your plans for the near future, you’ll still learn how to save and invest your money properly. You won’t have to wonder if you should have stocks, bonds, or mutual funds once you gain the valuable insights from this course.

Included within the Adulting 101 Bundle for only $29, this online instruction helps you navigate personal budgeting, credit card usage, and loan management like an adult.

3. Professional Development Skills

As your adult life begins to take shape, you may very well find yourself wanting to continue and further your business education. Without breaking the bank, this in-depth course will deepen your ability to be the manager, entrepreneur, or executive that you want to be.

You’ll get instruction from top institutions such as Harvard, MIT, and Stanford as you explore the various skills that can transform your career. Make a long-lasting impact, win negotiations, and, most importantly, gain the confidence to succeed in your career.

Ready to toss out your Ikea furniture and take on life like the adult person you are? Okay fine, keep the furniture, but also let The Adulting 101 Bundle prepare you for a happy, successful life. Click here to get it now for 93 percent off.