Ideally, How Much Time Do You Think That Couples Should Spend With Each Other?

An hour or two per day, but it’s important to have separate hobbies.
A few hours per day.
As much time as possible.
It’s not the amount of time that counts, it’s the quality of the time spent.

How Often Do You Believe That Couples Should Fight?

Every week. How else do you settle disagreements?
Maybe once per month.
Once every few months.

How Often Should Couples Go On Dates?

Whenever it’s convenient.
At least once per month.
Once per week.
As frequently as possible.

Do You Believe In Destiny?


What’S The Most Important Goal In Your Life?

To find adventure.
To have a great career.
To find true love, of course.
To travel the world.

Pick An Adjective That Describes Your Ideal Partner.


Pick Another One.


You’re Offered Your Dream Job, But There’s A Catch: It’s In Another City, And Your Partner Can’t Move With You. What Do You Do?

Break up. Sadly, careers come first.
Try to convince them to drop everything and move with me.
Turn down the job. Love comes first.
Try the long-distance thing for a while.

Have You Ever Been In Love Before?


In A Relationship, How Important Is Physical Attraction?

It’s a factor, but it’s not that important.
It’s extremely important.
It’s moderately important.
It’s absolutely essential.

How Long Do You Think You’d Date Someone Before Deciding Whether Or Not To Marry Them?

Several months.
I’d know right away.
Years, possibly…as long as it takes.
Several weeks.

Pick An Adjective To Describe Yourself.


Do You Procrastinate?

Not very often.
Yes, frequently.
No, never.
Yes, fairly often.

Has Anyone In Your Family Divorced And Remarried?


Why Did You End Your Last Relationship?

We just weren’t feeling a spark.
I did something wrong.
They did something wrong.

How Many People Have You Dated?

Less than 10, but more than 5.
I haven’t dated anyone yet.
10 or more.
5 or less.

Would You Like To Date More People?

If the opportunity presented itself.
Not really.

What’s The Longest Romantic Relationship You’ve Ever Been In?

A month.
A week.
Multiple years (or I haven’t dated anyone yet).
A year.

What’s Your Favorite Movie Genre?

Romance. Duh.

What’s Your Favorite Music Genre?


Your Partner Loses Their Temper One Night And Yells At You, Hurting Your Feelings. What’s Your Next Move?

I break up and move on. There’s no excuse for that.
I leave to blow off steam and tell them to think about their actions.
I tell them to get anger counseling, but we stay together.
I talk over the problem with them, and forgive them if they’re genuinely sorry.

Your Partner Wants To Take Square-Dancing Classes, But You’re Not Interested In Square Dancing. What Do You Do?

I tell them to go ahead and do it without me.
I try to find something else that we can do together.
I do-si-do to the car and get ready for some square dancing.
I’ll try anything once, but if I don’t enjoy it, I’ll stop going.

Do You Think That There’s A Difference Between Loving Your Partner And Loving A Family Member?

Yes, absolutely.
No, of course not.

How Much Should You Be Willing To Sacrifice For Love?

You’ve got to be willing to make minor sacrifices to make things work.
You should be willing to make major sacrifices.
You should be willing to sacrifice everything.
Not much. It’s about finding someone on your wavelength.

Do You Currently Have An Idea Of What Your Ideal Partner Would Be Like?


You’ve Been Dating Your Partner For Several Months, And Things Are Going Great. What’s The Logical Next Step?

Get married.
Move in together.

Your Partner Loves You, But Can’t Stand Your Parents. What Do You Do?

Try to get them to hang out more.
Break up and move on; family is incredibly important.
Don’t worry about it. They’ll come around eventually.
Organize a sit down and try to get them to work through their issues.

In A Relationship, How Important Are Shared Interests?

Not very important.
Fairly important.
Very important.
Not important at all.

Should Your Romantic Partner Be Your Best Friend?

Probably not.
Yes, definitely.
No, definitely not.

You Find Out That Your Partner’s Lying About Something (But Definitely Not Cheating). What Do You Do?

I’m disappointed, but I forgive them and move on.
End it. Honesty’s important.
Talk it out with them and figure out why they lied.
Confront them, but I’ll probably forgive them.

Your Partner Forgets Your Anniversary. What Do You Do?

Let them know I’m upset, but then forgive them.
Forgive them and make sure they don’t forget next year.
Tell them “no hard feelings” on my way out the door.
Brush it off. Anniversaries aren’t that important.

How Long Was The Shortest Romantic Relationship You’ve Been In?

At least a month, but less than a year.
A year or more (or I haven’t dated yet).
A week to a month.
A week or less.

You Go Through A Nasty Breakup. What’s The Best Way To Get Your Life Back On Track?

Get out and start dating again.
Cry it out.
Have a wild weekend with my friends.
Exercise, read, and work on myself for a while.

How Important Are Your Non-Romantic Friends To You?

Not that important.
Very important.
Fairly unimportant.
Fairly important.

You Go On A Date With A New Person. Which Of These Traits Would Be The Biggest Deal Breaker?

They’re late.
They dominate the conversation.
They’re rude to the waiter.
They chew with their mouth open.

How Much Should A Romantic Relationship Change A Person?

Not much.
Quite a bit.
Not at all.

Ideally, When Would You Like To Get Married?

After a few months.
Whenever it feels “right.” It’s not something to rush, but there’s no use waiting, either!
I’m not sure that I believe in marriage yet.
After a year or more.

Would You Go On A Blind Date?

Probably not.
Definitely not.

Your Partner Brings Home The Perfect Gift. What Is It?

Flowers…or, really, anything. It’s the thought that counts.
Chocolates. Yum.
Plane tickets to Paris.
Reservations to the hottest restaurant in town.

You’ll fall in love four times (or more).

You’re a passionate, adventurous person, and that means you’re not going to settle down easily. That’s probably a good thing—you’ll end up meeting plenty of people, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities for finding true love. Enjoy the journey. When you find the right person (or people), you’ll know.

You’ll fall in love three times.

You’re brave enough to try new things, and you’ll grow as a person with every new experience. You’ll meet plenty of people, so don’t think about finding “the one.” For you, there’s more than one—and that suits you just fine.

You’ll fall in love two times.

You’re not going to rush your romantic life; you’re patient enough to wait. As you grow and change, you’ll have different ideas about what you want in your partners; as a result, you’ll fall in love more than once. The second time, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

You’ll fall in love once.

When it comes to love, you’re fairly traditional. You’re patient, accepting, and willing to work hard on your relationship. When you fall in love, you’ll be incredibly devoted to your partner—and you’ll enjoy the same level of devotion in return.

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