When we go to McDonald’s, we always make sure we treat ourselves to a McFlurry. It’s one of our favorite sweet treats and one of the most delicious items on the menu. But there’s one thing about this mixture of ice cream and toppings that has always piqued our interest. You’ve probably thought about it too once or twice.

That’s right, it’s the shape of the spoon! For some reason, this specific spoon is shaped like a square. When we first discovered the McFlurry, we had never seen another spoon quite like it and we had no idea why it was shaped differently from other spoons.

Initially, we thought it was because the spoon doubled as a straw. However, it’s pretty difficult to get anything through the straw, even though the spoon is hollow. So why in the world would the spoon be shaped by this? This question has bothered many people for years.

It turns out, there’s actually a good reason the spoon has such a unique shape. It has nothing to do with making it a straw; instead, it’s shaped like that because of how the McFlurry is made. It’s actually a pretty innovative dessert!

This item debuted in Canada in 1995, made of soft serve ice cream and various toppings. It quickly became a favorite in New Brunswick and spread to the rest of Canada.

Then the McFlurry craze spread to America and to McDonald’s locations across the world. McDonald’s had been reluctant to sell a shake because they are a time-consuming item to make, especially in a popular fast food restaurant. Because of that unique spoon, however, they were able to quickly make a shake for their customers. This was all made possible by that unique square-shaped spoon.

When you order a Mcflurry, the worker first puts the ice cream in a cup. Next, they go and add the candy/cookie toppings that you’ve ordered. Once this is finished, they insert the spoon.

They then take that cup with the spoon and put it in the McFlurry machine. The hollow spoon is inserted into the machine, which uses it to stir that treat. Once it’s finished, it’s ready for you to eat.

Basically, it’s just an example of that famous McDonald’s efficiency. Since the spoon doubles as a mixer, it saves workers from having to wash the machine after every use, allowing them to get the food out to you much quicker.

Some people might avoid ordering the McFlurry because they worry it will take too long to make. As you can see, this isn’t the case. They’ll have that treat out to you in no time! (If you’re curious, the item that is the most time consuming for the employees is the Happy Meal.)

For those feeling very adventurous, you can order a SuperFlurry. The SuperFlurry is a McFlurry with all available toppings. At most McDonald’s, this would include Snickers, M&Ms, chocolate syrup, and more.

The SuperFlurry originated in San Francisco, California, and isn’t officially on the menu, but if you order it the worker will know what you’re talking about. It’s an incredibly decadent, delicious dessert for those who really need to satisfy their sweet tooth. For those who want especially special dessert, the SuperFlurry is for you!