Her Dad Took The Screws Out Of Her Apartment Door And She’s Warning Others To Do The Same

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Moving into a first apartment is a big life event for young people. It’s a sign that they really aren’t children anymore and have now officially become an adult. For parents, however, it just brings anxiety thinking about all the problems their child might face.

One father was helping his daughter move when he noticed something strange about the lock on her front door. He immediately got his tool box and got to work. Had he not fixed this, he knew it might invite criminals.


He noticed that the screws in the lock were tiny half-inch screws. If a burglar wanted to, he could easily kick that door down and break in. He knew that longer screws would make this impossible, so he replaced those tiny screws with four-inch screws for added security.

If you have tiny screws in your lock, you may want to switch them out with bigger ones.

There are several home security tips that young people should know before moving into their first house or apartment. These tips can help prevent a robbery or prevent them from being victims of violent crimes.


One tip is not to hide a spare key under a doormat, in a flower pot, or in an obvious location.

Burglars know that these are popular spots, so they’ll often rummage through them looking for a key. They also look for anything that looks out of place or otherwise disturbed.

Instead, keep your key hidden in a spot that only you and your roommates know about.

This might be fake rock that blends in with real ones, a magnet hidden in the gutter, or anywhere that is not obvious. If you’re ever locked out, you’ll have access to the key but a home invader won’t.


Another tip is to take pictures of anything valuable in the home, making sure to note serial numbers and other important details.

If you are ever robbed, you’ll need this information in order to make an insurance claim. It also may make it possible to recover stolen property that is pawned or sold online.

Be careful when in the bathroom at night.

If a burglar is watching your home and thinks you are in the shower, they may be brazen enough to try to sneak in, thinking you are occupied in the bathroom.


To combat this, get some sensors for your lights that makes it appear that someone is moving around the house. This way, if you aren’t home, are in the bathroom, or sleeping, someone who may be casing your house may think a person is up and moving, causing these burglars to look for another victim.

A final tip is to try to vary up your routine as much as you can.

If someone notices you leave the house and return at the same time every day, they may be more inclined to try to break in. If you have a more unpredictable schedule, they may move on to another property.

Nothing will ruin your first place faster than having your stuff stolen. By following these tips and being aware of your surroundings, you may be able to prevent a robbery.

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