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In the old days, people graduated high school, got married, had kids, and bam! They were adults. These days the process takes a little more time. Like a decade or so.

If you’re on the long journey toward someday becoming an adult, we’ve got some suggestions to help you along your path. Adulting is never easy, but the right approach can make it more fun.

1. Here’s a little help for when you need to become an adult fast, but you’re not sure how to do it.

Author and blogger Arden Rose’s helpful book Almost Adulting simplifies the many tasks you’ll need to do on a daily basis to be a grownup. It is an up-to-date and straightforward guide for everything from buying professional clothes on a budget to online dating.

Plus, advice from a book can be easier to swallow than going to your parents every time you’re out of your comfort zone. Almost Adulting is also written with a sense of humor, so you can smile a little more while you go through the sometimes painful transition to adulthood.

Get it from Amazon.

2. When you’re saving up for a vacation or honeymoon in nickels and dimes, it’ll take some time.

That’s why the Our Adventure Fund Bank is helpful. It provides a stylish reminder of why you’re saving in the first place.

This cute bank lets you see your adventure fund grow and is a great conversation starter that’ll let you share your plans with your friends. It makes a perfect wedding or house-warming gift.

Get it from Amazon.

3. Adulthood comes with an avalanche of decisions that can be tough to make on your own.

The Make a Decision Pad takes some of the stress and worry out of adult life. This simple notepad will help you organize your thoughts in an orderly and constructive way.

Instead of pushing aside important decisions, map out all the information that may be involved. Once you’ve written down pros, cons, and gut feelings, the best decision may be a lot easier to see.

Get it from Amazon.

4. These sticky notes for #adulting are another useful product from the geniuses behind the Make a Decision Pad.

To Accomplish Sticky Notes are the first step toward decluttering your mind and taking care of business. Instead of letting your to-do list flutter around like butterflies in your head, write it down on clearly marked stickies.

This stationary set includes six 40-sheet notepads including “To Remember,” “To Do,” “To Buy,” “To Delegate,” “To Ponder,” and “To Put Off.” Help organize and prioritize your day with these slightly sarcastic but incredibly useful sticky notes.

As an added bonus, you’ll have finished six to-do lists when you complete your last task. Getting stuff done and crossing off tasks is definitely an underrated perk and instant ego boost unique to adulthood.

Get them from Amazon.

5. Coffee is one of the biggest secrets to successful adulting.

It helps you find the energy to get things done when you’d rather not do anything at all. A beverage this useful deserves its own special mug.

Make your morning routine familiar and fun with this reminder that while things aren’t easy, you’re getting them done. With every sip, you’ll be reminded of the progress you’re making toward becoming your best adult.

Get it from Amazon.

6. Add some personality to your office desk and let coworkers know you have a sense of humor.

This passive-aggressive, argument-winning sign will make your coworkers take a moment to pause and think. When what they’re reading sinks in, they’ll share a laugh with you.

Even if you understand the sign as a complete joke, you’ll get the whole office smiling. And that’s just another indication that you’re adulting right.

Get it from Amazon.

7. Adulting occasionally requires that we give up beloved treats like soda and sweet tea.

Luckily, there are ways to be healthy and have a tasty beverage. The Aqua Zinger grinds fruits, veggies, and herbs to infuse your water with a great flavor and aroma.

Add antioxidants to your water without the empty calories. You’ll save money and get healthy with this simple but ingenious cup.

The Aqua Zinger also cuts down on plastic water bottle waste and keeps your drink cool. Now, that’s adulting we can get on board with.

Get it from Amazon.

8. Create the illusion that you don’t eat Doritos over your keyboard with this electronic-device cleaner.

Remember how much you used to love Silly Putty?

Well here’s the grown up version. Cyber Clean helps keep your workspace spick and span. This cleaning putty is a viscous, elastic compound that molds itself into all the contours and crevices of your mouse, keyboard, phone, and more.

Cyber Clean removes crumbs, grease spots, and dirt from electronic devices as well as nooks and crannies in your home. Use it to remove crumbs and debris from the corners of drawers and cabinets for hassle-free (and mildly entertaining) cleaning.

Get it from Amazon.

9. Have a special treat waiting for you at the end of the day.

The best part of adulting is rewarding yourself for all your hard work and discipline. Comfy Slippers are one of the best ways to treat yourself and your feet. Kick off your work shoes, peel off your socks, and enter a whole new world of comfort and cuteness when you come home.

Find the small pleasures in life and savor them. These slippers will be your best friends once you get to know them.

Get them from Amazon.

10. Curl up with one of the most enduring self-help books that’s ever been written.

Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People continues to inform and inspire new readers over 25 years after he wrote it. It’s a fairly easy read, but you’ll probably find yourself making notes in the margins along the way.

We’re not always receptive to self-help books, as they are sometimes simplistic and pedantic. Covey’s bestseller doesn’t dumb itself down or state the obvious. It’s filled with chapter after chapter of profound insights into how to be more personally and professionally effective.

Get it from Amazon.

11. Save time and get perfect rice the same way the pros do it.

Anyone who cooks rice on a regular basis knows that a rice cooker is the trick to getting perfect rice without the hassle. Aroma is the number-one rice-cooker brand in the U.S. because of its affordability and dependability.

With over 3,000 positive reviews on Amazon, this product has been tried and tested. It’s easy-to-use, programmable, and can yield up to 20 cups of cooked rice.

You can also steam meat and vegetables in a special compartment while the rice cooks below. This versatile and timesaving appliance will have you eating like royalty at a bargain price.

Get it from Amazon.


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