A truck driver was stopped at a Pilot truck stop in New Kent County, Virginia when he noticed something odd. There was an RV next to him, and there was a woman looking out of the window. After he was seen, the curtains were quickly closed. To him, the action was suspicious enough that he called the police. When deputies arrived, they found three people in the RV. They spoke to them individually and one woman begged to be taken away. She told police that she was being held against her will and that she was being sexually and physically assaulted. She had been forced to call her family in Iowa and say she was fine. She was told that her captors would kill her and her family if she didn’t comply with their demands.Police freed the woman and took her two kidnappers into custody. They have been charged with multiple counts of sex trafficking by force, fraud, or coercion.


Kevin Kimmel is the truck driver who noticed that something seemed off about the RV and the woman’s situation. He spotted the young woman from a window that was soon yanked closed. After watching the RV for a few minutes, he noted very suspicious activity and knew that something needed to be done. He alerted police to the situation, who were able to come in and remove the girl from the horrifying situation. Kimmel says, “I’m happy I could help her out.” The veteran truck driver has daughters and granddaughters and wanted to help the young woman, just as he would them. Constantly on the road, he tries to remain vigilant about the people and things going on around him. He was certainly able to make a big difference in one woman’s life.