Genius technique

Need to rake a whole lot of leaves really quickly? This guy has invented a completely genius method of gathering leaves up into a huge pile. His secret involves a huge pieces of plywood (or very sturdy cardboard might work, too) and using it to scoop huge swaths of leaves into piles at one time. He’ll be finished with his large yard in no time at all.

Rabbit vs leaves

In this adorable video, a bunny rabbit is seen jumping towards bunches of leaves tossed by her owner. She’s not exactly helping to rake them up, but she and her owners seem to be having quite a great time playing in the dead leaves. Watch this cute little bunny jump for joy in these piles and piles of autumn fun. We hope she isn’t too sad when winter comes and all the leaves are gone.

Husky in the leaves

This husky loves playing in leaves more than most people like anything at all. While he’s not exactly helping-in fact, he is quickly un-piling the leaves his owner just worked quite hard to pile up-his owner can’t help but laugh at how much fun this puppy is having. Who minds a little extra work raking leaves when it can bring such joy to one’s dog?

Burning leaves

Raking leaves is one of the least satisfying lawn maintenance activities. From the looks of this guy’s backyard, he had to rake for a long, long time to pile up all these leaves. So, instead of bagging them up, he decides to burn them. It turns out, before lighting them with the match, he added lighter fluid to the pile. Although the video is incredible, this is very dangerous and should not be tried at home.

Bruler mé tbk!

Posted by Alex Durand on Tuesday, November 3, 2015