An observation tower…for fish?!

The best part of having fish is watching them explore their watery territory. When you have pond fish, your view becomes a little obscured. Switching them to an aquarium isn’t a great idea, as the shock of switching locations can kill them. So, why not combine the two?German YouTube user TCHelmut came up with the perfect idea. From the safety of their very own “lookout tower,” you can now get a better look at your pond fish, while your fish can gain access to a stunning new view. All he did was take an aquarium and flip it upside down. Unlike traditional aquariums, this one isn’t horizontal. It runs vertically.

See the inventive water feature here:

This tank, alternatively called an “anti-gravity aquarium” or a “bottomless aquarium,” adds a great modern twist to any pond. It’s filled with water so the fish can swim around as they please. Some fish will even spend hours in their new, glassy environment, contentedly taking in the new sights. The fish aren’t trapped in the aquarium. There is no bottom to it, so the koi are free to come and go as they please. They’re also safe from predators. The glass is one centimeter thick, so predators will have to work hard for their snack. This is a gorgeous project and would look amazing in any backyard water fixture. It gives a crystal clear look into the lives of your pond fish, which is usually just something you’d wonder at. It’s wonderfully creative and is great for stimulating your fish, which is a real win-win.