Have You Ever Wondered Why Toilet Stall Doors Aren’t Fully Enclosed?

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When using a public restroom, a person immediately notices that the stall doors don’t touch the floor. This seems odd, considering that most people want privacy when relieving themselves. There are actually several reasons why these stall doors leave a little bit of room at the bottom. If you were ever curious about this, wonder no more!

Makes Cleaning Easier

The first reason for the extra room is that it makes cleaning up the bathrooms that much easier. The custodian can simply run his or her mop under the door instead of having to open and close the door.

Pink-gloved hand holding cleaning spray
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It’s a time saver, especially in larger bathrooms. This saves money on custodians, because just one person can do the job that might otherwise take two to do.

Makes Things Less Awkward

Another reason is that with the space below the door, a person can see if a toilet is occupied. This helps keep people from barging in on another person when they enter the restroom. If you can see someone’s feet in the stall, you know to look for another or to wait your turn.

Another reason is that should a person realize they are out of toilet paper, a nearby neighbor can help them out. If the stall were fully enclosed, there would be no way to reach through and hand someone some paper. That would make for a very uncomfortable walk out of the bathroom!

Empty toilet paper roll
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Prevents Nefarious Behavior

Having that space also prevents people from doing things in the stall that they shouldn’t be doing. For example, if two people are canoodling in the bathroom, it will be evident to anyone else who may be using the facilities.

Toilet, not connected, in demo house, with mannequin legs sticking out of bowl
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This could also apply to people who may be doing harmful things in the bathroom stall. With that space, people can clearly see what is happening and can put a stop to it if necessary.

The Bottom Dollar (Get It?)

Finally, these doors are just cheaper to install. Because there’s less material, the doors cost less to make and therefore cost less to buy. For a business owner, the bottom line is of the utmost importance. Saving a few dollars on bathroom stall doors is important, especially if your business has a large bathroom.

These stall doors are just one of the things we see every day but may not fully understand.

For example, have you ever noticed that your running shoes have an extra hole in them right next to the laces? Some people might just think those holes are there for decoration, but they actually serve an interesting function. You can tuck your laces into them when you’re running to keep yourself from tripping. How nice!

Bright pink toilet
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Other people might question why shopping carts have little loops in them. They may see them and again think they’re just for show. In reality, there’s a good reason for those loops.

They can actually hold your shopping bags. This is extremely helpful in preventing your bread or eggs from getting smashed by heavier objects. The next time you go shopping, give this a try!

The world is full of interesting little factoids. Who knew stall doors, shopping carts, and shoelaces could be so interesting!

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