6 Former Disney Employees Confess Some Crazy Things They Saw While Working

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Peeking behind the scenes at a place you love has its pitfalls. You see the reality behind the illusion that workers create.

There is no place where this is more apparent than Disney theme parks. The staff works hard to create a magical experience, but sometimes reality steps in and temporarily destroys the illusion. Here are some of our favorite stories straight from Disney employees.

1. Snow White Love Triangle

We love thinking of all the tangled romances that occur among the Disney characters. There are so few princesses and so many ancillary characters to fight over them.


It’s also nice to hear that the little pig was a contender for one of the most popular princesses in the park. We hope that he didn’t give up on his dreams just because the Big Bad Wolf threatened him.

2. Stitch Kidnapping

When you’re a smaller-than-average person there are so many risks. One of them is being kidnapped while you try to make a living portraying a genetically modified Disney alien.

We don’t know why people in tour groups behave so poorly; maybe the rush of being on vacation does something to their brain chemistry. Whatever the reason, you should never pick up a stranger and run away with them…even if they are dressed in a Stitch costume.

3. Smoking Alice

We can understand being taken aback by a more grown-up Alice. But personally, we would’ve been delighted to experience this.

If Alice really did consume all of those psychedelic mushrooms and had mind-bending experiences, she would probably end up a little more hardcore. Smoking and swearing make her more realistic in our humble opinions.

4. Two Princes

So this is what all of that oil money is spent on. We don’t know whether to be impressed by how innocent this party is or horrified at how much money it must have cost to arrange.


Either way, we love the thought of obscure costumes laying in storage until someone with enough cash comes by and demands to see them in use. Also, we wonder how you get to be part of a prince’s entourage. That seems like a pretty nice gig.

5. Minnie Lights Up

Well, there’s an image that’s not in any Disney movies. Do you think Mickey knows?


This one is a little more damaging to our childhoods than Alice smoking. Seeing the person inside a Minnie costume light up is somehow way more disturbing. Maybe it has something to do with her removing her own head.

6. Adolescent Paparazzi

This scene seems like it’s straight out of Beatlemania days. We don’t see many groups of fans chasing down celebrities these days, which is probably a good thing.


We feel bad for celebrities that they can’t go to Disney parks and enjoy the magical place incognito. Though we suppose there are worse things in the world.

We hope you enjoyed an inside look at Disney theme parks. Hopefully, we haven’t permanently changed the way you look at Snow White, Minnie Mouse, and the rest of the gang.

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