Foods That Can Change Your Face Beyond Recognition

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With ever-changing dietary advice from the scientists, dietitians, and the government, figuring out what to eat can be difficult. The fact that a food can help one part of your body and hurt another clouds the situation even more.

The more authorities bicker about what is and isn’t good for you, one thing becomes clear. Eating vegetables, legumes, and nuts is good for you. Drinking water is also indisputably healthy.

Most everything else is up for some debate. Here are four common substances most people love to ingest and the negative impact they can have on a person’s face.



Milk may do a body good, but it’s not so great for your face. This protein-rich beverage can cause inflammation throughout the body, and that’s bad news for your complexion.

Milk can cause sunken cheeks as well as acne on the cheeks and chin. It can also promote swollen eyelids and dark circles underneath the eyes.

Studies have shown that cow’s milk causes changes in growth hormones and insulin. This can have a broad range of negative effects, many of which are manifested in a poor complexion.



We hate to be the bearer of such sad news, but wine can have a seriously negative effect on your face. There are studies that show that red wine’s resveratrol can reduce heart disease and certain cancers. On the other hand, there are obvious negative effects of alcohol in general and wine in particular.

Alcohol can dehydrate and tax your liver. Add in the fact that wine can contain sulfides and pesticides, as well as high levels of sugar, and you’ll understand why your body can be seriously out of whack the day after drinking a bottle of wine.

These harsh effects on the body show up in the face as well. Your face will redden and pores will dilate. Wrinkles will be more evident on the bridge of the nose and cheeks, and smile lines can become exacerbated.



Some people have a serious intolerance for gluten, but many have eaten it their entire lives without noticing any ill effects. That doesn’t mean that this protein is good for you.

Gluten is found in wheat and other grains and can cause inflammation in the body. People with gluten sensitivity suffer far more severe effects, but everyone can suffer minor effects.

If gluten is a major part of your diet, you may notice forehead and cheek acne. General swelling of the face or swelling of the cheeks, in particular, are also signs that you’re eating too much gluten.



Sugar is the one substance on the list that everyone (except possibly the sugar industry) agrees is bad for you. This simple carbohydrate gives you a quick energy source, but it doesn’t last long.

Diets high in sugar can lead to obesity, tooth decay, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. If these possibilities don’t scare you away from sugar, you should know it will also cause serious changes to your face.

Sugar can cause a thinning of the skin, which can make people look tired. It also leads to forehead wrinkles and bags under the eyes.


Removing all of these substances from your diet is unrealistic. The key for most people is moderation so that the effects of any one food or beverage aren’t severe. People shouldn’t worry excessively about what they eat, but you should know what the adverse effects are.

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