5 Fidget Toys To Remind You They’re Not Just For Kids

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Work is stressful. We’re up against deadlines, meetings, new policies, and hours of sitting still. While you might not have the luxury of taking constant breaks, we do need a way for you to relieve stress while staying on task at work. These five desk toys address all of your fidgets, fears, and frustrations, and right now, you can get them up to 83 percent off in the Urbo Shop. Take a look:

1. Nanodots 216 Sets

The Nanodots are a scientific toy designed to model atomic interactions on a human scale. Both thrilling to look and touch, this fidget-fixer is made with super strength neodymium magnets making them a fun, creative distraction as you build new designs.


You can easily take the minuscule, but necessary timeout with Nanodots as they’re structured to endure repeated impact without corrosion. 

Buy Now: These wonders of nature are 12 percent off right now at $34.99.

2. Stress Spinner

Work days constantly push us toward productivity, so relieving stress without missing a beat is invaluable. Overcome your thought block or minimize distraction by using the Stress Spinner to keep your hands busy without losing focus.


Perfect for calming down fidgety hands, let this desk toy prove to you it’s not just for 5th graders.

Buy Now: Because kids of all ages need to fidget, this spinner is 83% off right now — just $9.99.

3. Motion Ferrofluid Liquid Desk Sculpture

Ever find yourself gazing out the window or just blankly at the computer screen amidst a long day on the job? Visual stress relief can ease your wandering mind and provides something to look at on your desk.


The constant motion of the Ferrofluid liquid maintains itself through the magnetic presence in the crystal clear display. Awe your co-workers and ease your mind with this stress-relieving sculpture.

Buy Now: This scientific marvel is 20 percent off the original $24.99 price tag. Get it for $19.99 now.

4. Scientific Magnetic Space Putty

Putty has been well known to act as a stress reliever, so keeping a ball of it nearby is a great tool for letting go of some extra anxiety during the workday.


Scientific Magnetic Space Putty complements relief with functionality by acting as both a flexible, fidget-fighting toy as well as a durable, use-anywhere magnet. Split in two to take advantage of both uses or take a timeout to roll the putty into a bouncy ball in the palm of your hand.

Buy Now: The price of this creative putty has been reduced by 60 percent to just $9.99.

5. Stress Blocks

Despite our willpower, some days just prove to be more difficult to maintain focus than others. Rather than search everywhere for some sort of relief, you’ll find it on all six sides of the Stress Block—each side has a unique, focus-generating game.


Expel energy and regain mental traction in a healthy, compact manner. The blocks occupy your hands while still letting you focus on what’s in front of you. Slip these portable desk toys right into your pocket, and tackle your day without stressful suffering.

Buy Now: One Stress Block is now going for 58 percent off at just $9.99.

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