With relatively cheap plastic surgery and an Instagram account, people can go from anonymous to celebrity in a matter of days. Their extreme transformations often require extensive upkeep, and their desire to be someone else drives them to get more and more procedures.

The result is that these internet stars get hooked on plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures. These five people transformed themselves into their heroes with varying degrees of success.

1. Valeria Lukyanova & Olga Oleynik Become Real-Life Dolls

Lukyanova has been in the public eye for some time, as she has gotten procedure after procedure to look more like a real-life Barbie doll. Five years ago, she met her soulmate, Oleynik, who also shares the desire to look like a flawless doll.

Lukyanova admits she’s had a breast enhancement surgery, but denies allegations of more extreme surgeries, like having a rib removed to look skinnier. She says she takes it as a compliment that people think she has had extensive plastic surgery since that means she’s attaining the hard-to-achieve look of a human Barbie.

2. Justin Jedlica Becomes Ken

Jedlica has been on a lifelong quest to attain the perfect male form. He has had countless procedures to become more like a Ken doll.

He started his cosmetic surgery career with a nose job and soon moved on to implants in his biceps, triceps, shoulders, calves, pecs, and thighs, as well as cheek augmentations and gluteoplasty. He has had over 190 procedures!

3. Nicholas Ryan Becomes Ryan Gosling

When aspiring actor Ryan wanted to break into show business, he though he’d emulate one of Hollywood’s leading men. Ryan spent $5,000 to look more like A-lister Ryan Gosling.

Ryan got dozens of filler injections to mold his face to look more like Gosling. Specifically, the surgeon worked on filling out his cheeks and shaping his jawline. After the expensive surgery, Ryan has had mixed results. He loves the way he looks, but he has yet to land a big role.

4. Herbert Chavez Becomes Superman

Chavez wanted to look like someone we can all agree is a worthy hero–Superman. The young Filipino spent a small fortune to have surgeons sculpt his face to resemble Clark Kent.

Unfortunately, the Philippines is more lax than the United States when it comes to injecting cosmetic fillers. That meant that Chavez was being injected with MesoLipo, a substance banned in the U.S. for being too dangerous.

Chavez appeared on an episode of Botched in which the doctors told him to cut out the dangerous procedures and hit the gym. While he agreed he may have taken things a bit far, he says he has no regrets about transforming to look like the Man of Steel.

5. Myla Sinanaj Becomes Kim Kardashian

When people started calling Sinanaj the “fat Kim Kardashian,” she decided she needed plastic surgery. She wanted to resemble the famous-for-being-famous reality star, but Sinanaj didn’t want to be the cut-rate version.

She decided to get liposuction, lip filler, and breast implants to more closely resemble the most famous Kardashian. She says she’s improving her diet and exercise since the surgery, so she can keep up the look.