Experts Say These Are 6 Dream Symbols You Should Absolutely NEVER Ignore. I Had No Idea!

Many of have recurring dreams that feature familiar symbols. What you may not realize is that these symbols have some distinct meanings for your life. Here are some common symbols and what they mean, according to dream experts.

1) Boxes

Some of us have recurring dreams that feature cardboard boxes. Whether they are central to the dream or just appear off to the side, the boxes are symbols of concealment. There’s something you are hiding, or you suspect someone is hiding something from you.


If you open the box, that means that you are ready to reveal a secret or are about to have something revealed to you. If you look inside the box and it’s empty, that may be a sign that you are experiencing disappointment in your life.

2) Falling

Dreams where you are falling are dreams that signal a lack of control or anxiety about your particular situation. It could be something in your personal life or could be something at your job.


Try to reflect on what might be causing you anxiety. If it’s something you can change, focus on ways to change it. If it’s something that you can’t change, focus on relaxation techniques that can help you unplug from the anxiety.

3) Teeth Falling Out

Dreams where teeth are falling out or feel very loose are common. This a symbol that a person fears aging of dying.


It’s a symbol that you need to do more to live life to the fullest. It also may be a sign that you are worried about your appearance and should take steps to fix your perceived flaws.

4) Water

If you see water in your dreams, especially if it comes in the form of an ocean, you are someone who either takes chances or wants to take chances. That’s because water symbolizes change and fluidity in your life.


The water is also a reflection of your thoughts on those chances. If the water is calm, you have a positive view of that change. If it’s rough and choppy, you have some anxiety about it.

5) Being Naked in Public

This is a very common dream, especially among teenagers. It represents a fear of being judged. While this is a fear that sticks with us for our entire lives, it’s very prevalent as teenagers when our peers have a major influence on us.


These dreams are actually an attempt by our subconscious to get us to accept ourselves. The brain is trying to show that being judged isn’t the end of the world and that you will survive.

6) Mud

Many people dream of being stuck in the mud, unable to move or being significantly slowed by it. This mud is a symbol that you feel stuck in your personal life and unable to make changes.


The mud can also be a symbol of rebirth. Just as a flower breaks through the soil, so, too, can you break free from whatever is holding you back in your life. You just have to figure out what is holding you back and work to make changes.

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