Cats are adorable, lovable creatures, but sometimes their behavior can be strange and unpredictable. Have you ever wondered why your cat loves to sit on your computer keyboard? Or why they sprint across the house in the middle of the night? Here’s exactly what those weird behaviors actually mean.

Sitting On Your Stuff

It may seem annoying when your cat chooses to sit on your computer while you’re trying to use it, but it’s actually a sign of affection. Your cat can determine which objects in your house you spend the most time with, and the jealous kitty will sometimes try to put themselves between you and the object. It’s just their way of telling you that they love you and want your attention.

Peeing On Your Stuff

This behavior is not quite as cute as sitting there begging for attention, but when cats urinate on your belongings it’s normally because they’re feeling anxious. Cats thrive in stable, routine environments, and even something as minor as a new piece of furniture can overwhelm them because it doesn’t have their scent on it yet. By scratching or urinating on it, they’re marking their territory and relieving anxiety.

Kneading You

Sure, it’s cute when cats “make biscuits” by kneading their paws against you, but what does it mean? Simply put, it’s comforting for them. It likely brings back memories of when they were kittens and would knead their mother for milk, and even though it serves no practical purpose as adults, it just feels good to them.

Head-Butting You

When your cat butts his head against your body, it’s his way of greeting you and being affectionate. Just like a dog wags his tail when he’s happy to see you, a cat will rub his face against you to show that he missed you and that he feels safe around you.

Sprinting Across the House

It’s usually in the middle of the night when you’re trying to sleep that your cat will choose to sprint at top speed across the house. And while it may seem like they’re chasing a rodent or scared of something, cats just do this for exercise. Indoor cats, especially, do this often because it’s tougher for them to get enough exercise, and sprinting in short bursts helps with their pent up energy.

Sticking Their Butt in Your Face

This is perhaps one of the grossest behaviors cats have, but it’s their way of getting to know you better. Just like dogs sniff each other’s rear ends to introduce themselves, cats will do the same thing to show you they want to be your friend.

Spreading Their Legs in Front of You

Another weird and gross habit that many cats have is exposing themselves in front of you, which is awkward to say the least. But when they do this, it’s only because they want you to know they feel safe and content around you. Lying on their backs exposing their undersides is a submissive and vulnerable position for cats, and it means they trust you.

To see more weird cat behaviors explained, watch the video below.