Being a digital marketer means wearing quite a few hats and wearing them well. Not only do you need to be able to optimize, strategize and analyze, but you also need to be able to keep up with the rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape. A lucrative and in-demand skill, digital marketing is an essential team in an array of different industries.

These five online resources will make you the successful guru you need to be without breaking the bank or taking up years of your life with grad school. Now with discounts up to thousands of dollars off, these top courses address each of the necessary skills employers are looking for.

1. Digital Marketing Guru Bundle 

Marketing has become increasingly more digital, and as such, the skills needed have expanded significantly since the days of commercials and physical fliers. These courses wrap four lessons in one comprehensive bundle that starts by addressing programming and app needs, continues on with analytic pointers, dives into the actual functionality of websites, and finishes with copywriting expertise. 

Sale Price: $39; MSRP: $2,560

2. The Complete Online Marketing Certification Bundle

“Brand” is a buzzword that can often be misunderstood. But adhering to the principles of branding and launching online campaigns is crucial to being a digital marketing whiz. This 19-course, 170-hour bundle covers affiliate marketing, SEO guidelines and best practices, crowdsourcing, and viral marketing tactics. 

Sale Price: $29; MSRP: $4,873

3. The Complete Digital Marketing Course 2017

You need to be comfortable with a fast-paced environment when you’re working in the digital marketing space, and this complete course bundle will prepare you for the hustle. With a comprehensive agenda that covers growing and furthering your digital presence, this bundle will introduce you to the key tools used today like Facebook and Google AdWords. Tailored to small and mid-sized businesses, this bundle covers the digital marketing foundations every company should employ with hands-on practice, quizzes and lectures.

Sale Price: $19; MSRP: $200

4. Social Media Marketing In 2017 Bundle

Social media is, quite frankly, the cornerstone of the current marketing landscape, and mastering each platform will push you forward on your career path. From creative directives and guidelines to understanding organic and paid advertising, social media marketing is a combination of art and science that can be a lucrative asset for you and your company. This bundle explores six different social media channels and gives you the guidance you need to be successful. 

Sale Price: $34; MSRP: $1,186

5. Search Engine Optimization Certification Training Bundle 

Arguably the most complex yet potentially lucrative corner of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has a lot of moving pieces to it. Understand your customers’ needs, master on-page and off-page optimization, and learn how to plan and market a website with this 19-hour, high-quality course bundle. You will have a greater understanding of keyword management and research as you weave through the included lectures. 

Sale Price: $29; MSRP: $399