Sports journalist Erin Andrews sued her stalker, Michael Barrett, for $75 million after he secretly filmed her naked in her hotel room; she also sued the Nashville Marriott hotel where the video was filmed.  

In a judgement, the jury put 51 percent of the fault on Barrett and 49 percent of the fault on her hotel. Andrews explained in court how the leaked video changed her life and put her under a tremendous amount of stress and depression.  

This entire case stems from a 2008 encounter when Andrews was staying at the Nashville Marriott in Nashville, Tennessee. Her attacker, Michael Barrett, asked the hotel what room she was staying in and the hotel gave him the information. With that information, Barrett booked a room next to Andrews, waited for her to return, and put a camera up to the door’s peephole, and videotaped Andrews coming out of the shower completely naked. The hotel should have never given out any information on Andrews unless there was an emergency.

This is a victory for women everywhere who love and value their privacy—this is a victory for all women. It shows that we can and will hold everyone accountable for any acts that violate a woman’s rights, privacy, and dignity. $55 million is not enough for any act like this, but it’s a start.