Have you ever realized that you have been seeing the same number over and over? Whether it is at the grocery store, work, or wherever, it keeps popping up. 

There is a reason for that, because just like signs of the zodiac, the universe communicates to people through numbers. 

The idea that numbers convey special meaning is known as numerology and it has roots in every corner of the world. 

In fact, one of the most influential Greek mathematicians and philosophers, Pythagoras, was a steadfast believer in the spirituality of numbers.

Pythagoras and his followers considered numbers part of a universal, divine language. 

Here are what each number means. 

1 is a sign of leadership. Thought of as the best number, it comes before the rest. Also associated with confidence and divinity, along with being alone. 

If you are seeing the number one wherever you look, it might be a sign that your leadership skills and confidence will soon be needed. 

2 is associated with balance and partnership, but it can also symbolize conflict and opposites. 

People who are 2s are more sensitive and laid back, often the opposite personality of 1s. 

If you are seeing 2 popping up everywhere, it might mean that you need to work together with a colleague or friend. You should also make sure that there isn’t a partner in your life that you haven’t been properly valuing. 

3 is the number of legends and fairy tales and is a symbol of fortune and magic. 3 is also the number of triangles, body, mind, and soul; past, present, and future. 

People associated with the number 3 are more artistic and are excellent readers and writers. When you see the number 3, just know that something special and legendary is in the works for you! Just be patient. 

4 is associated with earth and strength. With four elements and four directions it was an important number for Pythagoras. 

Beware though, 4 is considered an extremely unlucky number in East Asia, especially China where it sounds very similar to the word for “death.”

If you see 4 everywhere in your life, make sure you are staying present in this world and not being distracted by your thoughts. Gather your inner strength and focus on what is around you.

5 represents love, health, and marriage. According to Pythagoras, 5 represented not just marriage between people, but between the Earth and Heaven. 

5 is also the number of the human bodysince we have four limbs and one head. 

Seeing a lot of 5s mean that everything is about to fall into place for you physically, spiritually, and emotionally. 

People who are 5s are freethinkers who hate monotony and stagnation. 

6 symbolizes perfection and lofty ideas. 

If you see the number 6 in a lot of places it might mean you’ll be inspired to think beyond yourself and tackle some complex philosophical ideas. 

Also be prepared to learn more and share your knowledge with others. Don’t hoard what you know! 

7 is the number of mystery and all things mystical. In the Biblical tradition, 7 is associated with perfection and completeness. It is no accident that there are seven days in the week! 

If you are seeing a lot of 7s around your life, then you should pay attention to the mystical things around you. A hidden world might soon be opened to you! 

8 is the number of abundance and plenty. In China the word for 8 is a homonym for “prosperity.” This means that 8 is considered a very lucky number. 

If you see the number 8 wandering through your life, be of good cheer! It means that you will soon be blessed with good things! 

9 is another number associated with magic. It also has the bonus of being associated with wisdom and leadership. Pythagorus and his followers were less than thrilled with 9 since it is one number short of their perfect number 10. 

If you see number 9 a lot, it might mean that you will soon find some wisdom coming your way, even in a very unconventional way.

The number 10 has quite a lot of significance in numerology. The most complete of all numbers we have ten fingers, ten toes, and use a base-10 counting system. To the Pythagoreans it was considered a sacred number. 

When you see the number 10 appearing in your life, it means that you have passed or are about to pass a huge milestone.

11 is a number of conflict and turmoil. It upsets the perfect balance of 10 and foments rebellion and chaos. It is often associated with intense spiritual journeys. 

While 10 means that you have completed a task or milestone, 11 means that you are about to embark on one. 

And finally, the number 12. 

With 12 months in the years and 12 zodiac signs, it is clear this number also carries lots of importance. It is a number of order and design. 

In the Biblical tradition, 12 was another holy number; there were twelve tribes in the nation of ancient Israel. 

If you and 12 are crossing paths a lot, watch out! Big things will be happening. Don’t get worried about being in over your head—you have the tools to accomplish anything!