Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat here: Guys, no matter how shy you are, it is not okay to approach a woman and comment on her appearance—especially if you do not know her.

Unfortunately, too many grown men still cat-call and make other inappropriate gestures towards women. A 23-year-old receptionist named Clarice from Nottingham, UK is a victim of this sleazy behavior.

Clarice—whose last name we won’t use—was simply going to work when a man jumped out of a car and shoved a note in her hand and ran back.

When she opened the envelope and read the note, it seemed like a cute gesture for a minute.

“Hi my dear, I am so sorry I needed to approach you in this way as I didn’t know how else to go about it,” the note read—not an entirely unreasonable start to a random letter.

“You are without doubt the most Gorgeous, Beautiful and Sexiest girl I have ever set my eyes upon,” the note continued. “Your dress sense is immaculate and you oose star qualities [sic].”

Well, that escalated quickly! Who does this man think he is? Is it really okay nowadays to comment on the appearance of women without knowing a thing about her? Plus, who takes the time to type out a letter and doesn’t realize that “oose” isn’t spelled correctly? It’s generally not a good idea to tell women that they “ooze” anything. Yikes!

“I feel that I if I [sic] didn’t take this opportunity I would regret this for the rest of my life.”

Hopefully, he regrets THIS for the rest of his life.

“I would like to take you out for dinner or for drink, at any venue of your choice, and if you are still not interested then I completely understand. As they say Nothing Ventured nothing gained [sic].”

Apparently, that is an actual idiom in the UK. But, again, this guy didn’t even know her name.

“The worst thing that will happen is you get a free meal and have a damn good laugh. We can then depart on good terms and then I can say I once took out the loveliest pretty girl in Nottingham for tea.”

No, man. As a stranger without an understanding of boundaries or human decency, the worst that could happen is a continuation of this stalking escapade. The psychological abuse this woman will suffer from now on is a disservice to her and womankind, and it is all because of an inappropriate letter. This is significantly worse than a free meal and a laugh.

“Finally, I understand if you do not want to get in touch and I will not contact you again.”

“All the best in anticipation, Chris”

Thank you, Chris, for making this woman feel the need to look over her shoulder at all times. Plus, now she has to take a new route to work.

Following the incident, friends helped Clarice find the man online, and she discovered that he’s more than twice her age, recently divorced, and has two children.

Let’s hope the mother of Chris’ children raises kids that are strong, resilient, and respectful. Chris could obviously use those lessons.