While we’d never wish ill on newlyweds, there’s something awesome about seeing something go wrong on a “perfect day.” This video, however, is different.

This young couple’s about to go through a difficult couple of seconds…followed by some of the best minutes of their lives.

It starts when Brad Hewitt and Melissa Baker took the dance floor.

Melissa, a former Sports Illustrated model, is certainly a beautiful bride, and she’s ready to enjoy her first dance: “Like There’s No Yesterday,” a song by country star Mark Wills.

It’s a perfect song for the occasion, but there’s something wrong with the DJ’s gear. Within a few seconds, the music glitches out.

For her part, Melissa takes the moment in stride. She giggles a bit, then waits for the music to resume.

That’s when the DJ makes the announcement: he can’t fix the problem. Instead, they’ll have to do a live version on the piano.

That might annoy some brides, but Melissa’s too focused on her groom to care too much. Well…until she turns around, anyway.

That’s Mark Wills himself on stage. He agreed to come in and surprise Melissa with a performance of her perfect wedding song—and yes, the surprise worked perfectly.

You can tell from some of the reactions that certain guests (and the groom himself) were in on the prank. Melissa’s surprise seems very genuine, however; she starts crying pretty quickly.

Now it’s your turn. There’s something about this video that makes it hard to watch without shedding a few tears (but maybe we’re just softies). In any case, it’s the perfect wedding surprise, and probably the best “blooper” we’ve ever seen.

Here’s the clip—be sure to pass it on.