There’s nothing harder for a child than dealing with bullies. It can cause problems with a child’s self-esteem, their school work, and just their quality of life in general.

It can be equally difficult for the parents. There’s really nothing the parent can do to help, aside from just being there for their child. If they get involved with the other children, these bullies are likely to make it worse for their child.

The Situation

A video that’s gone viral shows one father’s reaction to his son’s bullying. It shows just how powerful it can be to overcome these bullies once a child builds some self-confidence.

The video starts with the child watching videos of flamenco dancing on his phone. When his father knocks on the door, the boy quickly turns the video off. It’s clear that this is not something he’s entirely comfortable sharing with his dad, or not something his father approves of.

The father hands the son a box containing a judo gi. He’s going to help his son learn self-defense and self-confidence through martial arts training. The boy looks a bit wary, but he agrees to try it out.

As he and his father are walking to the bus, some boys laugh at him in his karate outfit. These bullies have clearly been making the boy’s life difficult and are the reason he’s attending this judo class.

At first, the boy looks out of place in the class. He’s a step behind the other students and gets tossed around by another boy in the class. The father looks a bit dejected, worried that his plan won’t help his son.

The Triumph

Eventually, however, the boy begins to progress. We see him moving up to his green belt and we see him winning some matches. As time has gone on, he’s gotten better.

As he’s continued to improve, we see him working out and practicing on his own. These gains have encouraged him to continue and pushed him to be his absolute best.

The boy eventually wins a judo tournament, much to the delight of his parents. As he’s putting his trophy in his room and staring at it with pride, his father comes in with another box. It’s a flamenco dancer suit, just what he wanted in the beginning. He hugs his father, grateful for this wonderful gift.

The final shot is him walking down the street alone in his flamenco dancer suit. Those bullies are standing on a front porch, laughing at what he’s wearing. The boy doesn’t even react, holding his head up proudly and confidently. As he walks by, the bullies realize their words have no power over this kid anymore.

It’s a really powerful video that shows the importance of pushing yourself and being proud of your interests. This child put himself out of his comfort zone and found he was strong and talented. That gave him the confidence he needed to go off and pursue his love of flamenco dancing. We could all learn an important lesson from this video.