If you think the only ones excited about a new family member are those who walk on two legs and speak English, think again. Look to ground level and you’ll see the tail-wagging members are just as enthusiastic about having a new bundle of joy around as you are! Just imagine being a dog and sensing the sounds, smells, and sights of a wiggly little infant all swaddled up in a blanket for the very first time!

For parents, especially new ones, the meeting of their fur baby and their human baby is an exciting—but also a nerve-wracking—one. After all, once a canine is through with curious, wide-eyed sniffing, they’ll soon want to be a lot more paws-on. But if parents take precautions such as having good verbal control with commands, making daily routine changes that’ll happen when baby gets home, and slowly increasing the time they’re around one another, with time your favorite furry creatures will know just how gentle and loving they need to be.

This was something hugely important to Daniel Colvin and his wife when they brought home their new baby boy, and in the five months he’s been alive, him and the Colvin’s German Shepherd have become the best of friends! They see each other all day long, and this adorable boy is especially delighted when the big creature sniffs around and hangs his goofy head over him. Their favorite thing to do together so far, however, is a game of tug-of-war. While as an infant this baby’s muscles are no match for this the ones on this fluffy beast, the two don’t have anything short of a total blast when playing around!

This video shows just one of the many adorable tugging matches they’ve had so far, and this baby boy finds it—just like all their other games—completely hysterical! You HAVE to see these two in action, and we recommend watching twice…once for this babies precious laughs and smiles, and another to see just how loving and gentle this German Shepherd can be with the tiny person he loves so much!