Everyone who lives in Atlanta knows Tad Lemire.

At least, they know his voice. This husband and dad hosts the popular “Tad and Melissa” show on B98.5 FM in Atlanta. At an important production meeting in February 2016, Tad got a call on his cell phone. The man is a professional. He let the call go to voicemail. When he saw it was from his wife, Jessica, though, he fired off a quick text. “Are you alright?” he typed. “No,” came the reply. Just then his boss, who was also at the meeting, called him over. Jessica had called HIS phone, too! Tad’s heart sunk. Something was wrong.

Tad left the meeting and called his beloved wife.

Did we mention that it was their five-year anniversary? Tad and Jessica met in 2011, through a mutual friend. They fell in love, got married, and had a beautiful baby boy named Sam. Sam is the reason Jessica called her husband that terrifying day. She was on a walk with her boy in her arms when she slipped on the pavement. Rather than let her son hit the ground, she twisted her body at the last minute, shielding her precious baby from the impact. The maneuver did something strange to her feet, though. As she angled her body to protect her son, she sprained one foot…and broke the other in three places.

That’s why she called her husband.

She was in the hospital being treated for her injuries. Sam, of course, was totally fine. Jessica is expected to make a full recovery. She’s staying with her parents until she’s back up on her feet. The whole incident just reminded Tad of what a wonderful woman he married. This loving mom would subject herself to any danger to protect their baby…which is, in a roundabout way, a wonderful way to celebrate a wedding anniversary.