The lives of toddlers are full of discovery.

As these brilliant and bright-eyed little ones encounter new objects, their first instinct is to try them out. Unfortunately, they’re not always up to the challenge. This little girl probably doesn’t know that her dad’s big rubber boots are technically called “Wellington boots.” She hasn’t yet learned that they’re based on the Hessian boot of the 18th century, which started as the uniform footwear of the German army. Sometime in the 19th century, someone got the brilliant idea to recast these famous leather boots in rubber. The result was completely waterproof. You may know Wellington boots as wellies, Alaskan Sneakers, or simply as rain boots. Chances are you’ve owned a pair or two in your lifetime.

The Wellingon boot is named for the soldier who first popularized them.

That’s Field Marshal Arthur Wellesley, First Duke of Wellington, who lived and fought between 1769 and 1852. Wellesley wore a custom-made pair of leather boots that later inspired the rubber wellies we all know and love today. But none of that matters to the little girl in this clip. She sees the boots and wants to try them on. Her dad is happy to oblige. He lifts her up and drops her right into the boots, no problem. That is, it’s no problem until she tries to take her first step. “Walk,” instructs Dad. “Go on, walk!”

She gives it her best shot.

But unfortunately, these boots don’t fit that well. Rather than striding bravely around the room, ready to splash around in the next thunderstorm, this toddler promptly faceplants on the rug. It’s like she’s made of rubber herself, though. She’s not hurt and doesn’t even appear to be startled. This is a short clip, but it’s got a hilarious payoff. Share it with a friend who needs a good laugh!