Creepy People Who Were Found Living In A Stranger’s Home

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Sometimes things go bump in the night, but most of us never think anything of it. You definitely will after this, though, because you’ll be too convinced a stranger is living in your house, otherwise.

There are those among us who would think of living in a house inhabited by a ghost as too terrifying to even think of. Think about this, though—how mind-numbingly scary would it be to find out that all of your house’s weird creaks and squeaks were actually being caused by a person you hadn’t invited in?

You might think it sounds like the stuff of horror movies, but it happens more often than you’d think. What would you do if you found these creepers lurking in your home?

First, the tale most of us know…

In 2008, a man in Kasuya, Japan, repeatedly reported to police that his home had been robbed. However, the intruder wasn’t taking valuables like jewelry or electronics—they were taking basic necessities, like his food and bottled drinks.

Fridge with leftovers, soda, and jars on shelves
Erik Mclean on Unsplash

At his wits end, the man finally decided to install security cameras within his home to catch the repeat thief in the act. He got exactly what he wanted when the camera caught the image of a woman walking around his house, but he was shocked to find that she wasn’t continuously breaking in day after day—she had been living in the house the whole time!

After a long and intensive search police finally found her curled up in one of the man’s closet, an appropriately nervous look on her face as they opened the door.

It happens to celebrities too.

We all know that celebrities are no strangers to being stalked, but there are some people out there who take it even further than you can imagine. One of them was a man named John M. Dubis, who regularly stalked singer Jennifer Lopez.

It was such a big problem that Lopez actually had an order of protection against him, although it’s clear that didn’t stop him (as is often the case with restraining orders). In 2013, workers who were at Lopez’s Southampton, New York, home discovered Dubis hiding out in the property’s pool house. He even posted some extremely strange pictures of his short time there to social media. He was later convicted of stalking, criminal contempt, and burglary.

Pool with pool house in background
Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

The craziest part, though? Despite the numerous security guards that were on the property, Dubis had been there for an entire week. Thankfully, Lopez wasn’t home during that time.

Stalking isn’t just for the rich and famous though.

In 2012, a woman named Tracy who lived in Rock Hill, South Carolina, began to notice a few strange things happening around her home, mainly in the attic. She constantly heard noises coming from that area of the house and eventually noticed that nails were starting to fall out of the ceiling.

No matter how many times Tracy and her five children investigated, though, they found nothing. The strange occurrences eventually came to a head when a piece of plaster from the ceiling fell on Tracy one night when she was in her bedroom, and on another night when she heard noises in the attic around 2:30 a.m.

Large, wooden attic with dust and debris
Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash

She had her nephew come up to the attic with her, where they found her ex-boyfriend from 12 years ago who had recently been released from prison; he was convicted in the first place for stealing Tracy’s car. Police estimated he had been in the attic for around two weeks, and they discovered a hole in the ceiling he had been using to watch Tracy the whole time.

Sometimes, uninvited guests don’t even try to hide their presence.

In 2014, a man in China continuously noticed that his food and money had slowly been going missing. He was baffled as to how, though, because he was always checking to make sure his windows and doors were locked. One day, he came home and found out that someone else had done the job for him and locked him out of his own house.

When police came to figure out what was going on, they eventually discovered a hole in the man’s kitchen ceiling, which led up into the attic of the building he lived in. Police found a homeless man by the name of Zeng living in the attic; he had also been sneaking into another apartment in the building.

Dark, rustic attic roof
Jack Stapleton on Unsplash

He had stolen over $300 in cash from the apartment and been using the kitchens to cook the food that he had stolen.

After this, you’ll rethink valet parking…

At a Washington, D.C. hospital, a man named Carlo Castellanos-Feria worked as a valet driver. He constantly ran into a woman named Michelle Fredenburg-Onion, who was the director of physical therapy of the hospital at the time. Though it’s not clear whether the two had some sort of friendship, Castellanos-Feria apparently wanted more than that, because he eventually began to stalk her.

With her keys unattended at the valet station one day, he snuck off to make copies of them, and later broke into her house to install hidden cameras. Though he was interrupted several times while doing so, he just hid under Fredenburg-Onion’s bed until the coast was clear. He actually did this for two straight days before her boyfriend found him and some of the sinister items he was carrying with him.

Busy street, with valet attendant standing at car
Kentaro Toma on Unsplash

When police searched his home, they found that Castellanos-Féria had taken a videotape of Fredenburg-Onion’s first wedding and had also framed several photos of her—he even had another huge stack of unframed photos, too. He was eventually sentenced to a little over three years in prison, and the story inspired a movie called Under the Bed, written by one of The Blair Witch Project’s co-directors.

You might not enjoy campus living, either.

In 2013 near Ohio State University, several students were living it up in an off-campus house. With so many college students in the house, they didn’t think it was too strange when they noticed the occasional open cabinet or that someone had left the door to the microwave wide open.

However, when these small things kept happening and no one ever owned up to any of it, they started to investigate. They quickly became curious about a door in the basement, which they had always believed was just a locked closet. Eventually, they got their realtor to help them open the door. Behind it, they were surprised to find a room. The fact it existed wasn’t even the biggest surprise; the room was completely furnished—it had a toilet, sink, textbooks, and even framed pictures.

It turns out the uninvited roommate was another student named Jeremy, whose cousin had lived in the house previously. Jeremy had obtained a key from the cousin. One of the roommates even said they saw him walking around the property at one point, but they just assumed he lived in the other part of the building on another lease.

The mall isn’t even safe from squatters.

It might not seem that unusual for someone to try and stay after hours at the mall to steal, but to live in one of the restaurants? That’s pretty out there. And yet, its’s exactly what one man did at Denver’s 16th Street Mall back in 2014.

He had been hiding out in the ceiling of a restaurant located in the mall called Yard House and eventually fell through into the restaurant.

Two stories of a mall, with shops all around
Marcin Kempa on Unsplash

When police got on the scene, the man was clearly trying to make an escape. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t getting too far, as he had gotten stuck between the HVAC system and some water pipes. He actually busted one of the pipes, most likely in his scramble to get away, and ended up flooding not only Yard House but also a nearby Sheraton hotel. He was obviously arrested for what he had done, but only after firefighters used chainsaws to free him from the wall and pipes he got himself stuck in.

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