4 Horror Stories About Terrible Coworkers That Will Make You Cringe

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Ask someone how their job is going and they’ll likely respond, “Can’t complain.” Of course, what they really mean is that they won’t complain. A thin facade of civility is the only thing keeping the flood of horror stories at bay.

People responded en masse when a Redditor specifically asked, “What does your coworker do that bugs you?” It was as if everyone was waiting for the opportunity to unload. The result is a hilarious mishmash of annoying habits and outrageous acts. Here are our favorites.

1. Easy Listening, Hard Times

“Not my current job, but a past one. I was a lowly intern, studying in a field that did NOT encourage getting up early (lots of late nights), so getting to my internship by 8am was a tough adjustment. What could possibly make it worse? One of the full-time employees playing the same sappy Celine Dion CD 3-4 mornings a week. It was torture.”

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

“So one sunny day when everybody but the interns was out golfing, I walked over, picked up one of the vacation request forms, and filled it out for Celine, citing that she was ‘overworked and needed a break.'”

“Later that afternoon, the intern supervisor came over to us interns and asked if we had filled out the request form. We all denied it, but Celine did go on a two-week vacation.” From CrabFarts/Reddit.


Kudos to this intern for finding a tactful and gentle way to say “I can’t take it anymore!” Finding clever solutions like this will save you from pulling your hair out in annoying situations.

2. Little Big Steps

“She’s a stomper.”


“She’s lithe, she’s petite. Yet it’s like a rhino-esque stomping that cascades through the office whenever she walks. HOW do you even produce so much sound, woman?!” From PatheticPathologist/Reddit.

We love this one because it’s so typical. You can be slightly annoyed by something, but once you experience it day after day, the bother becomes a burden.

3. Thin Skin

“Gets personally offended and makes a big deal about everything imaginable. We are out of post-it notes and she needs some? Her life is over. Someone else gets assigned a task she would like to do? She’s going to quit because she’s not being utilized properly. We all just wish she would make good on her threats to leave.” From Hurray_for_Candy.

Lite 98.7

This is another classic. Most people try to be problem solvers at work, while others look for ways to play the victim. Stories like these are great reminders of how not to get a promotion.

4. Microwave Destroyer

“He heats dishes with pasta sauce on them uncovered in the microwave and lets it spatter everywhere – then walks away, leaving his mess for someone else to clean up.” From Back2Bach.


We’ve all seen this behavior before, but it’s probably happened in your house, not your workplace. How can an adult not realize how gross and inconsiderate this is? We don’t know what the appropriate punishment is for this crime, but we’d start with the kitchen cleaning duty.

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