This gun is going to have the internet on fire.  For those who are activists against gun rights, you can expect this to be on all of their blogs.  

A Minnesota company has created a double barrel gun that doubles as a large smartphone.  It folds into a device that actually looks like an Iphone 6 Plus with a leather case.  

The picture above shows the gun in its closed state and then in its open state.  The picture on the left makes it almost impossible to tell that its a gun.

The biggest criticism of the gun is going to be that it might be people in danger if bad guys can hide the fact that they have a gun because it looks like cell phone.  It might put softer targets at risk that don’t have the advance screening of an Airport. 

The picture above shows the gun side by side with an actual smartphone so you can see the actual size different.  The phone beside the gun is an Iphone 6 plus.  Pretty crazy right.  

Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts.