Cheesy, gooey, goodness.

You’ve definitely come across these little treats as an appetizer at some fancy party. They’re the thing where after you taste one, you’re following the caterers around and unapologetically shoving as many as you can into your pockets. Yes, they’re that good. More good news: They’re super easy to make at home! Never again will you have to stalk a party platter to have these little morsels in your life. Plus, you really only need three ingredients to make these happen. Go to the store right now (after reading this, of course).

First, get some large canned biscuits.

The bigger and flakier the better. You’ll also want to pick up a brick of your favorite cheese (let’s say mozzarella for now) cubed, and two pounds of bacon. Finally, you’ll need some oil for frying and either toothpicks or skewers to keep these little suckers together. First, pop that biscuit tin! You’ll want to separate all the biscuits from one another, lightly pat them flat, then cut each one into quarters. This is why you want the biggest biscuits; smaller ones simply can’t hold enough cheese.

Here comes the fun part.

Next, take one of the cheese cubes and wrap it up completely with one of the biscuit quarters. Make sure there aren’t any open corners. After each biscuit piece is used, you get to move on to the bacon. Wrap each cheesy biscuit ball with one slice of bacon.The ends may overlap, and that’s fine. The toothpicks or skewers are used to poke through each bacon wrapped ball to be sure everything stays together while frying. The final step is to place them in a pot of 350-degree oil and fry in small batches. They only take a few minutes to cook. Pull them out, drain and let cool, then snack away!