Bizarre Products People Are Buying On Amazon That Are Actually Brilliant

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Look through Amazon’s vast selection, and you’ll undoubtedly find dozens of practical products…along with some of the strangest items you’ve ever seen. Some of that stuff is ridiculously expensive (this $1,000 keyboard fits that description) while other items are downright useless.

But sometimes, weird products turn out to be surprise hits. We looked through some of the strange products that people actually order off of Amazon, and we found a few surprisingly useful items.

1. Relax on the plane without leaving the hood.

Per the manufacturer, this hoodie pillow is “great for use while traveling, during long trips, or simply at home.” We’d love to know the distinction between “during long trips” and “traveling,” but we’ll admit that this is pretty useful for catching some sleep while ignoring your fellow passengers.


An inflatable inner pillow cushions your head and supports your neck. The hoodie itself is made from a premium sweatshirt material, and it’s available in a few different colors; two drawstrings allow you to adjust the size. All told, there are much worse ways to spend $21.

HoodiePillow Travel Pillow, $20.95 from Amazon

2. Cool down (or heat up) with this gel-filled mattress pad.

This mat is designed to be used for heat therapy, but if you often find yourself sweating through your sheets, it doubles as a bed cooler. Simply stick it in your refrigerator or freezer to cool it down. To heat it up, put it in your microwave for a couple of minutes.


If you’ve got sore muscles or chronic conditions like arthritis, it’s easy to see how this pad would be therapeutic. The only downside is that it’s fairly small, so adults might need a couple of them for optimal benefits.

Premium Ice Gel Mattress Pad, $19.88 from Amazon

3. Get rid of weird odors and stop mold from taking hold.

This chic little bag acts as a desiccant, sucking up moisture to prevent mold and mildew from growing. It’s filled with natural Moso bamboo charcoal, a natural substance that gets rid of odors without harsh chemicals or allergens.


Best of all, the Moso bag is reusable. If you notice its odor-fighting powers waning, simply leave it outside for a few hours on a sunny day, and it’s ready to head back into battle.

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag, $32.95 from Amazon

4. Pack water where you’ve never packed water before.

It’s a brilliant idea: a completely flat water bottle that fits into a backpack, camping bag, or briefcase. In practice, it looks a little bit weird, but hey, it’s perfectly functional.


Made from BPA-free plastic, this durable bottle packs easily, and while it looks like something a spy might carry, that’s part of the appeal. If you’re looking to increase your water intake, but you only drink fluids from perfectly flat containers, this is definitely the product you’ve been waiting for.

Memobottle, The Flat Water Bottle That Fits In Your Bag, $36.00 from Amazon

5. Use your phone while biking with this reflective bicycle basket.

The front of the bag has a transparent PVC pocket with a touchscreen window, but we’d advise against using it to write emails or check social media while bicycling around town. Still, the insulated interior is ideal for holding foods and drinks, and net bags on either side can hold gadgets, cords, and accessories.


It mounts on your bike’s handlebars easily, with no tools required, and three Velcro straps keep it firmly in place. We’d be careful about overloading this item—the Velcro closures are reliable to a point, but an extremely heavy load could cause issues—but otherwise, it’s a great option for cyclists.

Reflective Cycling Basket, $13.55 from Amazon

6. Enjoy deep-tissue massage treatments whenever you like.

If there’s one thing we hate about massages, it’s that we can’t give them to ourselves. Until now.

The Body Back Buddy Self-Massage Tool may look kinda funny, but it’s the only way to reach common pain points on your back, neck, and shoulders—pretty much anywhere, really.


This self-massage tool features three types of therapy knobs in 11 locations to go deep and relieve pain all over. Most of us can’t afford to keep a masseuse on retainer 24/7. Here’s the next best thing.

Body Back Buddy Self Massage Tool, $29.95 from Amazon

7. Never tie your shoes again. Seriously.

How much time do you think you’ve spent tying your shoes over the course of your entire life? Hours? Days? Weeks? Apparently, we don’t have to lose another second to shoe-tying. Replace your old laces with Xpand No-Tie Shoelaces to transform any shoe into a reliable slip-on.


Even running shoes and other athletic footwear works great with Xpand. Pull these laces as tight as you like and they’ll stay that way. Stretch them out to slip your shoes on and go.

These are available in lots of colors. We think we’ll go with “Glow-in-the-Dark.”

Xpand No-Tie Shoelaces System, $9.99 from Amazon

8. Remove offensive odors with a…gel of some sort.

This product is billed as an “odor-removing gel,” which sounds slightly sinister, in our opinion. Regardless, reviewers claim that it works; crack open the container and place in problem areas to get rid of odors from pets, smoke, mildew, trash, and other nefarious sources.


While it’s effective, it’s safe to use almost anywhere, as it’s non-toxic for both people and pets, and leaves you with a clean, odor-free home/room/crevice.

Odor Removing Gel, $24.99 from Amazon

9. Turn your cat into a DJ.

We didn’t know that novelty cat scratchers existed, but here we are. Developed by a company called Suck UK—seriously—this cardboard scratcher is shaped like a DJ deck.


The Instagram possibilities are virtually endless. Add a little bit of catnip to the center of the “platter,” and get rready for your feline DJ to pump up the jams (along with a couple of hairballs).

Please note: This is not a functional turntable, and it will not give your cat actual DJ skills.

Cat Scratching DJ Deck, $30.27 from Amazon

10. Protect your keys and charge your phone with the “toughest keychain cable on Earth.”

Designed for iPhones, this keychain cable is MFi certified, and it’s a nice tool to have on hand when you need to quickly charge your phone on the go. One end connects to your phone’s Lightning port, while the other connects to a computer or charger.


The real draw is the industrial-grade, high-strength steel enclosure, which protects the cable from fraying or breaking. If you’re hard on your cords, this might be the last replacement cable you’ll ever need.

Keychain Cable, $24.95 from Amazon

11. Show your love of goats with this horn-shaped coffee mug.

This, ahem, unique coffee mug is shaped like a horn and encased in a faux leather holder with a strap that says “Goat Story.” It’s by no means practical, but the manufacturer claims that it is “creating an exquisite experience from coffee drinking,” and we’re inclined to agree.


An included holder transforms into a stand, allowing the user to place it on a flat surface (a pretty important feature for a coffee mug). It’s BPA-free, leak-proof, and absolutely ridiculous, and if you’re a fan of goats, horns, or weird-looking mugs, it’s well worth the money.

Goat Story Coffee Mug, $32.84 from Amazon

12. Print photos instantly from your iPhone with this portable printer.

If you miss the days of Polaroids, you’ll appreciate the appeal of Prynt. Compatible with iPhone 6S, 6, and 7, it turns your phone into an instant camera (a newer, more expensive version of Prynt, available here, also works with more recent iPhone models).


The novel design uses ZINK sticker paper, which doesn’t require ink. Print off your photos, peel off the adhesive backing, and stick them anywhere. Printing takes about 30 seconds.

Instant Photo Printer, $99.99 from Amazon

13. Add an unconventional light source to your favorite dojo.

Have you ever looked at a lamp and thought, “This is great, but it’s just not salty enough?”


Jokes aside, we dig the design of this Himalayan salt lamp. Professionally hand-carved from—you guessed it—real Himalayan rock salt, it glows with a soft warmth that’s perfect for meditation, yoga, or general relaxation.

Note the sizes and colors can vary since it’s carved from real rock salt. A one-year warranty provides peace of mind (om, indeed).

Levoit Cora Himalayan Salt Lamp, $15.99 from Amazon

14. Thoroughly clean your toothbrushes with this sanitizer case.

If you’re slightly grossed out by your toothbrush, this case is your new best friend. It eliminates up to 99.9 percent of bacteria by using a tiny UV light positioned at the bristles. The UV bulb lasts for the life of the case itself, per the product description, and it’s powered by two AAA batteries.


It’s even compatible with electric toothbrush heads. It’s great for anyone who travels frequently (and anyone who doesn’t trust their roommates’ hygiene habits).

UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Case, $12.99 from Amazon

15. Treat your face to this ice-cold massage roller.

Remove the roller head and put it in your freezer for a couple of hours (or less, depending on your temperature threshold). Reattach it and roll it on your face to soothe muscles, shrink your pores, and reduce irritation.


We’re not sure about some of the Ice Roller’s health claims (the manufacturer claims it can “slow down [your] metabolic rate,” which sounds bogus), but it’s an effective option for treating general soreness. According to reviewers, it’s also a decent treatment for migraine pain.

Ice Roller for Migraine and Pain Relief, $11.99 from Amazon

16. Don’t take chances during a nighttime bathroom visit.

You need a toilet bowl that glows. Don’t pretend you don’t.

Unfortunately, toilet-bowl technology hasn’t quite joined the rest of the 21st century. Good thing LumiLux is here with an LED toilet light to correct the oversight. This moisture-resistant, 16-color work of genius illuminates your throne from within. Pick your favorite color or set the thing on carousel mode to turn every call of nature into a nonstop psychedelic joyride.


On a serious note, these toilet lights include an infrared motion sensor to activate when you enter the room, which is a lot safer than wandering into a dark bathroom in the dead of night. So even if you decide you don’t need a toilet bowl that glows from the inside, you probably do know someone who does. Secret Santa, anyone?

LumiLux LED Toilet Bowl Light, $14.95 from Amazon

17. Grow out your eyelashes without harsh chemicals.

This organic eyelash growth serum contains vitamin E and a selection of natural extracts formulated to promote hair growth without irritating your skin. Apply twice per day, and you’ll notice results within a few weeks.


The reviews are fantastic, so if you’re looking to get long, natural lashes, this is an excellent pickup at a great price. If you’re not looking to get long, natural lashes…well, move on.

Eyelash Growth Serum, $15.99 from Amazon

18. Prevent flatulence with…oh, seriously?

Yes, these are real anti-flatulence briefs. They’re equipped with a carbon filter, which, according to the absolutely real produce description, “shreds” bad odors. According to the seller:
“It is a stylish and contemporary garment popular with our younger clients and delivers great flatulence filtration.”


Granted, that description gives off creepy vibes, but reviewers claim that the underwear do their job, and they do look pretty stylish. Granted, they’re fairly expensive, but if you want a carbon filter in your pants, you’re going to have to pay for the privilege.

Trust us—you’ll want to visit this page for the product reviews alone.

Flatulence Filtering Women’s Briefs, $41.00 from Amazon

19. It’s a game, but it’s also a conversation. The one thing it is not is boring.

You’ve been on that road trip—the whole family, all together for once, and everyone sits in their own little silos of silent boredom. What you need is something to shake up the conversation. What you need is…Loaded Questions.


This set of strangely thought-provoking queries will have you all laughing while finally getting to know one another, if only for the duration of a short car ride. Find out which superpower your daughter doesn’t regard as “that super.” Learn which celebrity voice your spouse can imitate.

See? Conversation with the family can be fun after all.

Loaded Questions On The Go Card Game, $11.99 from Amazon

20. The Dead Sea will make you feel alive. All it takes is a spritz.

Your body needs magnesium. That’s a fact. And you know what’s packed with the stuff? The Dead Sea, that high-saline body of water that sits between Jordan and Israel.


If you can’t make the trip, just pick up a bottle of this all-natural magnesium oil. It comes straight from the source, and it’s one of the quickest ways to give your body the magnesium it needs to function properly. Smear it on leg cramps, spritz it on headaches, and work it into sore muscles. Join the long history of medicinal bathing in the Dead Sea without having to board a plane.

Natural Magnesium Oil, $12.95 from Amazon

21. Get all the benefits of a beard without that awkward grow-in period.

Are beards still in? Beards were really in not that long ago. Here’s one thing we do know: Regardless of the style implications of Williamsburg Whiskers, nothing keeps your face warm in the winter like a nice patch of face-fuzz.


But growing a beard is itchy. And lots of people can’t grow beards even if they try, including more than half of the human population. This crocheted hat/mask combo fixes all that.

It’s a hilariously comfortable beanie with a knit “beard” that fits over your jaw. It’s not super-realistic, but is that really what this is about?

Crochet Beard Hat and Mask, $7.89 from Amazon

22. Finally impose some order on your underwear drawer.

The top drawer in our dresser is…private. That’s not because it’s full of underwear, although it is, it’s because it’s such a mess. Boxers cavort with briefs, and bras get tangled up in socks, and the end result is not pretty.


So we definitely paused when we found this four-piece drawer divider from Simple Houseware. Now, every pair of socks has its own little cubby. Underwear stays neatly folded and segregated by time. And until you try this seven-cell bra box, you’re not storing your dainties like an adult.

Worth. Every. Penny.

Simple Houseware Organizer Drawer Divider, $13.87 from Amazon

23. What’s weird is how much these sheets feel like silk, without being silk.

Most high-end bed sheets are made of cashmere or silk and have the price tags to match. Not these, although you could probably convince an overnight guest that you dropped a fortune on them.


This sheet set from Royal Hotel is actually made of a custom blend that feels tremendous on the skin. So what’s in it? Cotton, for one, but the real star here is called bamboo viscose.

Basically, scientists do their magic on bamboo, and it turns into the most silky-soft material this side of a worm’s backside. And speaking of bugs, these sheets keep the dust mites at bay, so that’s even better.

Royal Hotel Bamboo Cotton Queen Sheet Set, $69.99 from Amazon

24. This cosmetic powder does its work from the inside out.

You’ve heard of Moon Juice, right? No, we’re not talking about the blend of milk, glue, and glitter that weird kid in elementary school was always daring you to drink. Although, who knows? Maybe that kid grew up to have terrific skin.


This Moon Juice is an adaptogenic powder that you sprinkle on your yogurt or whatever. It’s supposed to preserve collagen and help your skin stay healthy, and judging by the Amazon reviews, it actually does a decent job. Moon-people must have great skin.

Moon Juice Organic Beauty Dust, $38.00 from Amazon

25. Clean up your anxieties (along with your skin).

Aromatherapists have been telling us for centuries: Spearmint and eucalyptus essences help to ease stress. Meanwhile, soap-makers keep telling us we need soap to get clean. We’re just going to assume that everyone is right in this case.


Test both assertions with a single bottle when you bathe in this stress-relief body wash. It’s full of essential oils designed to help you chill out while you scrub off. Oh, and it doubles as a bubble bath. Now, who could be stressed in a bubble bath?

Aromatherapy Stress Relief Body Wash, $11.20 from Amazon

26. Ever wonder how your friends built those Pinteresting wedding decorations? This is how.

Pinterest makes discarded glass bottles look like sculptural masterpieces. It seems like every bride is busy stringing lights through upcycled glass, and the results are admittedly stunning.


Here’s the easy way to get that effect without having to learn glassblowing. These USB-rechargeable, gently glowing LED lights fit right into the mouth of your standard glass bottle. There’s even a little cork top to complete the illusion.

There you have it: Instant ambiance. Just don’t tell any guests your secret.

Rechargeable LED Cork Light String, $17.99 from Amazon

27. Turn any microwave-safe bowl into a steamer, as long as you don’t mind disturbing visuals.

When you first lay eyes on the Pink Piggy Steamer, you might feel a little uncomfortable. The thing looks like a cartoon pig melted into a puddle. It looks like a slab of face. It looks…creepy.


But throw it over a bowl of water and carrots, pop it in the microwave, and all that horror will be totally worth it. (We’re assuming you really, really love steamed carrots.)

Snout holes are just part of the fun; watch the steam escape, whistling eerily all the while. Great gift for kids.

Pink Piggy Steamer, $13.81 from Amazon

28. Carry a movie theater in your pocket…

…Well, okay, not the whole movie theater. Just the important part: The projector. The DLP mini is the smallest projector we’ve ever encountered, but it’s pretty big on features. It packs quality projection into its small frame. It even has an HDMI input and MHL connectivity.


Plug in your laptop or cell phone and turn the wall into a screen. There’s even a micro SD slot so you can project your favorite photographs at your next big party (or alone in a darkened room; your call on that).

Popcorn not included.

DLP Mini Projector, $199.99 from Amazon

29. Practice your knife cuts with complete confidence.

Everybody wants to dice an onion in a matter of seconds, but unless you’re Gordon Ramsay, you probably don’t have the chops to make those types of cuts without losing a few fingers in the process.


These cut-resistant gloves should help you build your skills while avoiding injury. They’re ideal for cooking, but don’t stop there—they’re sufficiently protective for woodworking and carpentry. Just be sure to pick up a separate pair for those tasks; nobody likes finding splinters in their French onion soup.

Cut Resistant Gloves, $10.99 from Amazon

30. Ostriches are onto something. Find out what with this weird pillow/mask/hat/we’re-not-sure.

Sometimes, you just want to bury your head in the sand. If you try, though, you’ll find it’s not that pleasant. Your problems won’t go away, and now you’ve got sand in your ears.


That’s why some mad genius invented the Ostrich Pillow. It’s marketed as a “travel pillow,” but it’s really a sort of on-the-spot sensory-deprivation device. It’s soft. It covers up your eyes and ears. It slips down over your whole head, with a handy-dandy breathing cut-out.

They say it’ll let you sleep anywhere. Just like an ostrich, we guess?

Neck Support Travel Pillow, $99.00 from Amazon

31. Turn pretty much any surface into a real wood tabletop.

The couch is a great place to eat. Unfortunately, the armrest is a terrible place to keep your bowl of soup.


This armrest tray fills the gap, essentially transforming anything you drape it over into a dependable, attractive table. It’s not like one of those laptop trays that sits on an inverted beanbag. This thing is designed more like a bamboo sushi rolling mat.

It’s also made of real wood, with a rich lacquered finish, so you can finally eat your Spaghetti-Os in front of the tube with a touch of class.

Wood Armrest Tray Table $74.00 from Amazon

32. Enjoy fried foods without the guilt.

The Simple Chef Air Fryer is, simply put, a life changer. It provides the crispy outer layer you’d expect from high-quality french fries, onion rings, chicken wings, and other fried foods, but without the caloric load.


Add in about a tablespoon of oil (the fryer can cook without oil if you’re up for a challenge), and enjoy fried foods with 70 percent less fat. The rapidly circulating hot air provides the crisp taste. Check out the reviews—this thing’s legit.

Simple Chef Air Fryer, $63.99 from Amazon

33. Stretch better with what we swear is not just a giant rubber band.

You know how important it is to stretch, but sometimes, you just can’t reach the toes. That’s when you need a little help.

Don’t ask your friend to push; that is very dangerous. Instead, grab hold of these elastic stretching straps and throw on one of the tutorials that come with them.


Stretching straps help you get through that yoga routine without injuring yourself or simply giving up. They’re made from cotton and spandex and actually feel pretty good around your foot or wrists. If you’re trying to introduce proper stretches into your workout routine, this is the way to do it.

Elastic Stretching Strap, $15.25 from Amazon

34. Be the envy of your yoga class with these weird-looking shoes.

Be honest; do you really trust the cleaners at your local yoga gym? If not, you need some high-quality shoes that will facilitate your yoga practice without getting in your way.


Designed specifically for yoga, the Vibram Alitza Loop features separate gripping toes that help you handle difficult poses without falling flat on your face. The lightweight design is breathable, and it slips on and off your foot easily.

Vibram Women’s Yoga Shoe, $39.98-$95.41 from Amazon

35. Cover your feet with vinegar and charcoal.

No, we’re not talking about barbecuing your feet. We’re talking about LuckyFine Foot Pads, an all-natural healthcare product intended to nurture sore muscles, improve circulation, and brighten your skin.


You stick these foot pads onto your feet, then go to sleep. You’ll wake up with healthier-looking feet, according to the product description. Hey, we’ll give it a shot—anything that makes our feet smell more like vinegar is fine by us.

Vinegar & Charcoal Foot Patch, $16.98 from Amazon

36. Take magnificent photos with your smartphone with this wide-angle lens.

It’s manufactured with lanthanide optical glass, and thanks to its aluminum construction, it’s both durable and lightweight. The wide lens lets you capture gorgeous portraits, breathtaking landscapes, and the best damn cat pictures you’re ever going to get.


While it’s designed for the iPhone, it’s compatible with other smartphones, and the clip-and-go design makes it fairly easy to use.

Wide Angle, Macro Lens, Smartphone Camera Adaptor, $25.99 from Amazon

37. Get a towel that you can wrap around your body.

We know, we know; they already invented a towel that wraps around your body, and it’s called a robe.


This microfiber plush bath towel is slightly more convenient and much less expensive than a high-quality robe, ideal for using at the gym, college dorms, pools, or other public areas. It’s designed to flatter all body types, and there are several designs available.

Turkish Women’s MicroPlush Shower Wrap, $31.00 from Amazon

38. Make tiny espressos while you’re out and about.

This tiny espresso machine is hand operated, and it’s a great choice for getting your coffee fix when your everyday option isn’t available (for instance, if you’re out in the middle of nowhere and you’re tired of lugging around a 1,500-pound espresso machine).


Add hot water and one of the Nespresso capsules, and you’re ready to go. You don’t have to clean up the grind (since there’s no grinding), and the cap pops off to function as a makeshift espresso cup.

Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine, $49.79 from Amazon

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