Love them or hate them, fidget toys are the fad of the year. And we sort of love them.

After all, how can you hate on cool stuff like this?

1. This Infinity Cube will fit in your pocket and is perfect for fidgeting on the go.

It can twist into multiple shapes, and it’s silent, so it’s perfect for meetings.

Buy it here for $8.95.

2. These Pull and Stretch Bounce Balls are great for relieving stress.

If you’re looking for a fidget toy that’s easy on your hands, this product is soft, malleable, and easy to squish into any shape imaginable.

Get a two-pack here for $5.20.

3. Take fidgeting to the next level with this CuberSpeed Rainbow Ball Magic Cube.

This puzzle cube will keep you busy for hours, and kids will love the bright colors.

Buy it here for $6.98.

4. Keep your fingers busy with the Flippy Chain Fidget Toy.

Manage stress and anxiety with this small, easy-to-use fidget toy. It’s also silent.

Get it here for $1.47.

5. The Think Ink Pen lets you fidget while getting work done at the same time.

You can write and satisfy your tinkering hands with this bendable, magnetic pen.

Buy it here for $6.99.

6. This Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner is perfect for any Harry Potter fan.

With a sleek design, this spinning snitch will catch everyone’s eye at the office and on the Quidditch field.

Get one here for $19.99.

7. Get your twist on with the Tangle Jr. Classic.

These colorful, twistable tangles are way too much fun, and they’re a nice departure from your typical fidget toy.

Get a three-pack here for $8.71.

8. Stand out from the crowd with this multicolored Cube Fidget Spinner.

You can use this rainbow colored fidget spinner with just one hand anywhere, anytime.

Buy one here for $8.54.

9. Get comfy with the Sequin Fidget Pillow.

Need to fidget while you’re relaxing? This colorful sequined pillow is perfect for stress relief at home, in the office, or even in therapy sessions.

Buy one here for $13.99.

10. This Fidget Cube has everything you could ever need.

This fidget cube allows your to roll, click, flick, tap, and spin like your sanity depends on it (note: it does).

Get it here for $4.99.

11. Squeeze away stress with Emoji Face Squeeze Balls.

Take out your anxiety or anger on these poor little stress balls. Yes, they’re adorable.

You can buy a 12 or 24 pack here for $6.85 or $15.40.

12. Keep your hands busy with this handmade stainless-steel Chainmail Vortex.

Positive Review: “The weight of it feels good in the hand. While it doesn’t “do” much, it feels so satisfying to fiddle with; the smoothness of the wire, the weight of it, the way it turns in your palm. It’s a definite winner.”-R. Springer-Vega.

Buy one here for $15.00.

13. The Squeeze-a-Bean Soybean stress-relieving key chain is the cutest thing imaginable.

Each pack of these cute soybean pods have three different facial expressions and can help you break bad habits.

Get a three-pack here for $7.99.

14. The Mesh Squishy Ball looks like an alien egg sac, but in a good way.

These stress balls have a great soft texture, and when you squeeze them, fun, colorful, grape-like shapes pop out.

Get yours here for $11.76