If you haven’t already been following Ayesha Curry on social media, you should definitely do so. The young wife of reigning NBA MVP Steph Curry has created a platform all her own, and through initiatives and campaigns, she’s looking to last past that Hollywood minute in the spotlight. 

One thing Curry is most famous for is her cooking videos. Sometimes including Steph and daughter Riley, Ayesha creates easy-to-make dishes that leaves fans wanting more, and is sure to take mouth-watering pictures of her meals and posts them on Instagram. If you’re looking for more Curry Cuisine, look no further than The Food Network coming soon. A working title of At Home with Ayesha has been announced, and more details are soon to follow. Take a look at some of Chef Curry’s dishes below. 

Made these insane porterhouse steaks with shallot and garlic. #theseasonedlife

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