YouTube’s It Couple

From 2015 to 2018, Liza and David were relationship goals. The YouTube stars shared their adorable relationship with their viewers until June of 2018 when David posted a video titled, “we broke up.” Hearts around the world were broken, and over a year later, we’re still mourning the loss of YouTube’s it couple. 

We’re looking back through their relationship to relive all the best moments, and we’ve uncovered some clues that the pair might find their way back to each other.

The Beginning

David and Liza started off as friends, hanging out for four months before starting their romantic relationship in November 2015. The couple then dated secretly for several months, but after much speculation from fans and the community, David finally made it Instagram official on Feb. 16, 2016.

He posted a photo of him lying next to Liza on a floor covered in calendars with certain dates circled, and he captioned it, “Is there any other way of telling everyone that you’re dating without buying 30 calendars.”

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Is there any other way of telling everyone that you’re dating without buying 30 calendars

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Six Month Squad

The cute Instagram pics continued throughout their relationship, and we’re still grieving their loss. On May 28, 2016, David wished Liza a “happy 6 monthversary” on Instagram.

He captioned the photo, “Happy 6 monthversary to my best friend of 10 months.. And an apology for it taking me a whole 4 months to grow a pair and ask you out. no but really thank you for dating your biggest fan and giving me something I could brag about everyday. love you dude <3 HAPPY 6 MONTHS.”

A Whole Year!

David also made posts celebrating eight, nine, and 11 months of their relationship with plenty of super cute pics in between. To commemorate their first anniversary on Nov. 28, 2016, he posted a throwback photo of him and Liza looking super close—they’re laying next to each other looking blissfully happy together. Even though the pic looked pretty intimate, David revealed that he had taken the photo only four days after meeting Liza, sharing that he’d never before gotten so comfortable with a person so quickly.

“…Thank you babe for what’s been the best year of my life and thank you for letting me be there to see you become so successful. HAPPY ONE YEAR BABY. I love you so much,” David wrote.

The End

On June 4, 2018, David posted a video with Liza to announce that they’d broken up and to explain why. 

By that point, they’d actually been broken up for six whole months. Through tears, Liza said that they waited three months to tell even their friends about the separation, and they thought “now it was time to let everyone know about it.” Distance was the main issue in their relationship and the reason for their breakup.

“Liza broke up with me six months ago,” David explained. “…It wasn’t healthy for us to continue to be together—for now.”

“Basically what we’re trying to say is that we’re friends,” Liza said.

“And that you never know what can happen,” David said. “But just not now.” 

Definitely sounds like they’re leaving the door open—maybe there’s hope?!

Leaving YouTube

After the breakup, Liza took a yearlong break from her main YouTube channel. She told fans that she needed to work on herself before she could post “happy videos” again—the public breakup had taken a toll on her.

“Although it looked like I had a lot of enthusiasm, I had a loss of enthusiasm,” Liza said in a January 2019 video. “When I lost mine, I just pretended like I hadn’t. I thought I had to be happy, that I had to be a feeling I wasn’t feeling so that others could feel it too.”

The Comeback

In March of 2019, Liza returned to her main YouTube channel in full force with a tribute to her love of the dollar store. Many people took to the comment section to voice their excitement and support for Liza’s return, including her ex-boyfriend, David.

“Jesus Christ hahaha so good,” he commented. Looks like he’s still her number one fan, and our hearts are still broken.

Just Friends?

In May of 2019, David revealed what his relationship with Liza had been like since the breakup. 

“I just saw her the other day,” he told J-14. “It’s like we’re just friends. I don’t know. We’re like really, really close friends. Best friends, I guess. That’s the best way to put it.” 

“It hasn’t gotten awkward yet, which is great,” he said. “I feel like relationships with exes could get weird, but hasn’t happened yet, so we’re both truly happy.”

Fond Memories

And even though they’re not dating anymore, that doesn’t mean David doesn’t look back fondly at their relationship. In his conversation with J-14, he explained the most romantic thing he ever did for Liza.

“When Liza and I had our first kiss, it was on like the rooftop of this house,” he revealed. “And she kept a pebble from the rooftop just to like remember that moment, and then I kind of took it from her and I told her I lost it. Three months later, on Valentine’s Day, I gave her a ring and I told her that the rock on the ring was the actual pebble. I got to take it to the jeweler and he like really killed it and he made it look incredible. That was like my favorite gift I’ve ever given. She liked it. I hope she still has it. Maybe she lost it.”

That he still cares about a super romantic gift gives us a glimmer of hope that Liza and David might not be over forever.

Wedding Bells

Although he still seems to care for Liza, David moved on in a big (albeit fake) way. On May 17, 2019, David married Lorraine Nash in Las Vegas so he could become Jason Nash’s stepfather for a prank. 

“Last night I became my best friends stepfather by marrying his mother,” David wrote in an Instagram post the next day. “So grateful for this opportunity. I’ll treat you as my own. Love you Jason, now go take out the trash it’s stinking up our living room.”

The stunt had everyone buzzing, but less than one month after the wedding, David filed for divorce and announced on Instagram that he and Lorraine had “decided to end [their] romantic relationship.”

Who is David dating now?

Many fans think David is dating Natalie Mariduena, his assistant. They’ve been friends since high school, and she appears in David’s vlogs quite often. In December 2018, David even surprised Natalie with a new car, which intensified the speculation that they were an item, and we understand where it came from—a car is a pretty big gift for your assistant.

However, even though fans regularly ship David and Natalie in the comments, both of them have repeatedly said they’re just friends. 

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Sometimes i kinda like my job

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Rumored Romance

Fans have also speculated that David dated Olivia Jade, a YouTuber and daughter of Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky on Full House and Fuller House). 

Though they’re just friends, some fans think the two are dating, or have dated in the past. Not long after news of her parents’ involvement in the college admissions scandal broke earlier this year, Olivia was reportedly seen hanging out with David and other members of the Vlog Squad at David’s house party. 

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the kids moved me into my first day of college

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However, when ET asked David how Olivia was doing in June, he said he “hoped she was doing great.” Doesn’t sound like they’re all that close after all. 

Will they get back together?

So, now that we’ve squashed any other dating rumors, we can address why we think David and Liza might rekindle their romance. Earlier this year, David did a lie detector test for Vanity Fair, and he answered their questions about his relationships.

He admitted he was single, and the lie detector results showed that his statement was truthful. He also said he was sad things were over between him and Liza, and the detector didn’t pick that up as a lie. However, a few moments later when he said he wasn’t actively trying to get Liza back, there was a slight movement in the lie detecting device—meaning he very well could have been lying.

Hope For The Future

For now, it looks like David and Liza are both living their best lives and succeeding in all their new projects—separately. And although it doesn’t look like the couple will be getting back together any time soon, like David said, “You never know what can happen.”