Anonymous, a collective of hacktivists, has begun targeting GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. In a video that was posted on YouTube on March 4, they have declared “total war” on the candidate. Their goal is to stop Trump in his tracks by shutting down his websites, sabotaging his brand, and exposing embarrassing personal information.

According an Anonymous spokesperson hidden behind the Guy Fawkes mask, the reason behind their attack on Trump is because his “inconsistent and hateful campaign has not only shocked the United States of America, [he has] shocked the entire planet with [his] appalling actions and ideas.”

The video, meant to be a call for action, asks viewers to use the hashtag #OpTrump and help bring down on April 1. The collective also wants to attack Trump’s other sites including,,,, and

Anonymous has already obtained and posted unverified personal information and social security numbers of Trump and his staff. This would be the second time Anonymous has gone after Trump. The first time was after he made offensive comments about Muslims in 2015.