Risking it all for a pedicure?

A day at the spa seems like a relaxing dream. Unfortunately, that pampering paradise could pose a serious health problem. Some salons don’t properly clean their utensils between uses, which allows germs and bacteria to form. If they get into a cut or scrape, they could cause a dangerous infection.That was the case for Stacy Wilson, a nurse from Benton, Arkansas. She spent four days in the hospital after a trip to the salon. One of the workers nicked her foot and ankle with a pumice stone. The next day, her foot began to swell and feel sore. The next day, redness had spread from her foot all the way to her knee and she could barely walk on it. “I was like, it’s time to go to the ER,” Wilson told CBS 12.Her description of the pain is enough to send chills down your spine. “It feels like you’re sitting too close to a fire and you just cannot get away from it, that’s the way it feels,” Wilson said.

A deadly infection

She was diagnosed with an infection called cellulitis, which is often caused by pedicures. “Pedicures and manicures aren’t the only that cause it, but we definitely we do see it associated with that,” said Dr. Michael Pafford of Saline Memorial Hospital. Dr. Pafford also encourages salon goers to inspect the equipment to make sure it’s sanitary. “Recognizing you have the right to refuse them from continuing if you think they’re not using sterile equipment. That’s the best thing to do,” Pafford said.While in the hospital, she happened to catch the local news. They were reporting on unsanitary conditions in salons. Wilson called into the station and told them her story. She is also determined to report the incident to the Arkansas Health Department. After four days in the hospital, that’s the least she could do.