With a love so abundant, it’s easy to see how John and Angela Molella could spread it among three sons, three daughters, 18 grandchildren, and 18 great-grandchildren and still have so much to give to one another. Everyone they met saw it, too, and hearing the story of the couple moving hand-in-hand from Italy to Canada in 1959 was always the icing on the cake of their fairy tale romance.

The cherry on top, however, is the way they left the world. Daughter Sylvia Molella-Parker told CTV News, “Their love never faded. That just continued right to the end.” That end, just as heartbreaking as it was romantic, would happen at Royal Alexandra Hospital in Canada. It all began when 91-year-old Angela was rushed to the emergency room on April 11, 2015. At her side every moment of the way was her beloved John, who was in fair health but became extremely ill as soon as doctors announced his wife didn’t have much more time.

John was soon sentenced to life in a hospital bed as well, and the nurses who witnessed their deep connection made sure they’d be in the same room at one another’s side. They, like the family, knew what was to come. And they weren’t alone. According to Canada’s CBC News, Angela was heard telling her husband, “John, we grew up together, and now we’re going to die together.” While it wasn’t in the same day, it was shockingly close. Ten days after hospitalization, 92-year-old John passed away of what their children and grandchildren believe to be a broken heart. He couldn’t live without Angela, who held strong while mourning his loss for a few weeks before passing away herself.

The strength of their love, even in dying together, inspired the entire staff at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. So much, in fact, that they used their last moments together as the inspiration for a touching video that’s not only allowed John and Angela’s love to live on, but also serves as a reminder of how to truly care as a hospital employee…