Feline obsession explained

Cats are a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Much of what they do makes no sense to their human companions. For instance, cats’ obsession with cardboard boxes, what’s up with that? Researchers have finally cracked the reason why cats love cardboard. like cats themselves, the reasons why are complicated and multi-layered. First of all, cats love the smell of boxes. Cats have very sensitive noses and are drawn to the chemicals used to make the cardboard or the food it once held. Cats also find the boxes relaxing. Researchers discovered that boxes reduce high levels of stress, which can help prevent disease. The walls of the box make the cat feel protected on all sides, which helps them feel more secure.

These cats just can’t get enough of their boxes!

Obviously, cats are curious creatures. In fact, they’re downright nosy! They love exploring every nook and cranny they can fit themselves into, which often leads to hilarious results. Cardboard also reflects body heat, so it gives your little kitty a cozy place to take a nap.Cats are also natural hunters, so their box provides the perfect hiding place to stalk their from. Just like tigers in the jungle, they watch their unsuspecting target from a secure vantage point and pounce when they wander too close. Cardboard boxes are a cat owner’s best bet to satisfy their feline friend. The best part is that cardboard boxes are usually extremely cheap, if not outright free. Any size will do, since cats don’t normally abide by the laws of physics.