If you believe in love at first sight, you’ll appreciate this woman’s unlikely journey.

Joceline (handle @joceypoh), an 18-year-old Twitter user, has issued a request to other users of the popular social media service: Help her find the handsome man she saw while flying from San Francisco, California, to Hong Kong.

There is, of course, a catch, as she doesn’t know the boy’s name. She doesn’t know anything about him, actually—she never spoke to him. However, she feels oddly drawn to him, and she’s hoping some internet magic will allow her to make a connection.

While it sounds far-fetched, that might actually be a possibility; the internet loves this story, since it’s basically Cinderella in the digital age, and Joceline’s posts are getting plenty of attention.

Here’s her post, which quickly spread across Twitter.

“So back in the beginning of Summer 2013, I was at SFO checking in with my family [because] we were traveling to China for the summer. In line, there was the really cute guy and we happened to both be wearing the same forest green American Apperal[sic] jacket. He was with his family, too (he has an older sister!)

“Later I found out he was on the same flight as I was to Hong Kong. The airline we were flying was Cathay Pacific. After landing in Hong Kong, I switched flights to Guangzhou and I didn’t see him after that.

“After spending almost a month in China, I was at the Hong Kong airport again to fly back home. Right before I was boarding, I saw the same guy again, and we were both wearing the same forest green jacket. Turns out we were on the same flight home!

“I JUST THINK IT’S CRAZY HOW he and his family could have gone home any time that summer but somehow we were on the exact same flight both times. And now I’m trying to find him [because] IT’S 2017, 4 YEARS LATER, AND I’M SHOOTING MY SHOT.

“It would mean so much to me if you could retweet this and share it with everyone you know so there’s a possibility I can find him!”

Granted, Joceline probably doesn’t have much of a chance, but Twitter users quickly got to work on her behalf. Twitter featured the post as a Twitter Moment, and the shares quickly started to rack up.

Most of the re-tweets were extremely positive. “Find yo man, Joceline!” one user wrote. “Turn this into a story you can tell your kids!”

But, perhaps predictably, the shares didn’t turn up Joceline’s Prince Charming yet.

She posted this update for her followers.

“Hi, life has been crazy but thank you to everyone for your support!! I still haven’t found him yet, so please keep sharing.”

Soon after, Joceline’s account went private; it’s possible that she’s overwhelmed from all of the attention. Still, we’re guessing that if you’ve got the glass slipper—er, the American Apparel jacket—you can still reach out to her here.