This man didn’t have the cash to buy a luxury sports car, so he decided to get a little creative. Instead, he bought this old junker and added his own DIY touch to it. When he first picked up the car, it was in seriously rough shape.

After doing some repairs, the man began sculpting the body of the car with some expanding foam. It’s tedious work, but essential to making the car have an authentic luxury look. It looks pretty rough to start, but the end product is astonishing. 

After hours of sculpting and adding some fiberglass, the car’s new body shape began to look pretty nice. There was still a lot of work to do, especially on the interior, but this junk car was starting to look like someone’s dream come true. 

The interior of the car probably took even longer than sculpting the outside. The seats were completely torn out and a whole new dashboard was constructed from scratch. This is not a project for a DIY amateur. This guy clearly knew what he was doing. 

The finished project looks ridiculous. It doesn’t even look out of place on a show room floor. Note that the appearance of this beautiful machine has even drawn some gawkers who are probably wondering how much it costs. It might have been labor intensive, but this man now has the car he always wanted. 

Check out the video for more details on this amazing piece of DIY ingenuity!