The scene begins innocently enough: a young boy sets a laundry basket onto a moving escalator. A bit odd, to be sure, but it’s ultimately a simple beginning compared to what’s to come.

As the basket rises, the boy hurries to the side of the escalator, where a soccer ball awaits him. He takes but a moment to calculate before sending the ball against the far wall.

Surprisingly, he doesn’t send the ball directly toward the basket, which is now halfway up the escalator steps. Instead, he careens it off the wall on the opposite side of the room.

One moment later, he’s done it! Goal! The ball lands precisely into the mobile basket, and onlookers can’t help but gape with awe.

This incredible trick shot was captured as a part of the McDonald’s “GOL!” series, which traveled around the world in anticipation of the 2014 FIFA World Cup to record trick soccer shots by people of all sizes, shapes, and ages. Whether you’re a soccer fan or not, prepare to be amazed.