After a brief surge in popularity a few years ago, matte manicures fully took the style scene by storm in autumn 2015 and they’ll never fall out of favor if the leading beauty brands and the nail gurus of Instagram have anything to say about it! This type of polish is practically in a different class from its glossy competitors. If you’re tired of applying coat after coat of traditional polish, you’ll love the outstanding opaque appearance of matte manis. Why aim for flashy when you can wear something fierce?! 

Below are eight examples that will get you in the mood for matte: 

1. If you’d prefer for your transition to matte manis to be a gradual one, this is the look for you. With nails like these, you can enjoy a little flair on top of a bright matte base coat. 

2. Matte polish is a dominant design force. This mani won’t get you glances; it will spark stares.  

3. This mani will shine in your office space. Her nails embody the energizing quality of coffee. The matte is dark and moody (like most people before they’ve had their coffee), and the glossy tips are outgoing (like people are after they’ve had a cup or two)!

4. Not all matte polishes are so strictly solid. Take this manicure for example, it gives the perfect illusion of texture.  

5. Sure, silver is cute, but chrome is sophisticated.

6. The benefit of solid matte colors is how strikingly smooth they look no matter what color you choose. Using this polish is an easy way to achieve the look of a salon quality mani from home. 

7. Because this polish is so prominent, you don’t even need to cover your entire nail in color.   

8. Pro tip: Metallic and matte polishes complement each other perfectly.