6 Things We Learned Talking To Someone Who Believes She’s A Spiritual Being

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Have you ever felt like you don’t belong on Earth?

According to life coach Sarah Rebecca Vine, that’s something that you shouldn’t ignore. Vine identifies as an Earth angel—an angel who has returned to the planet in order to help other people live happy, productive lives. To be clear, she believes that she’s literally an angel in a human body, and she has even set up a website to guide other angels towards their true purpose.

This isn’t something that Vine came up with. A quick Google search brings up dozens of Earth angel websites and forums, including some groups with hundreds of members.

Yes, it’s a far-fetched idea, but it’s also pretty intriguing. We spoke with Vine to find out what Earth angels really believe.

1. Earth angels believe that they’ve entered our realm to do good.

Vine tells us that angels come from other realms to bring light (or goodness) to our world. They’re drawn by the negative energy of Earth, and they tend to be highly sensitive to that energy.

The concept of alternate realms is fairly essential to the Earth angel worldview. Vine believes that all human lives come from existing spiritual energy.

We forget we come from energy, and that’s where we return.

“I don’t believe there are any new souls on the planet,” Vine says, “but because of the world we live in, with the fear that’s promoted, … the violence, the hate—it’s very heavy and dense. So we’ve come here to help raise that vibration. With that said, we do have our own lessons to learn when we’re in a human body, because when we’re born, everybody has spiritual amnesia. We forget who we really are. We forget we come from energy, and that’s where we return.”

Wire hanger holding two angel wings
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“Once we awaken to the fact that we’re spiritual beings having human experiences, and that doing lightwork on Earth resonates with different realms, the main thing is to do the work. It’s not easy.”

Lightwork refers to the positive actions that angels perform on this planet. While there’s no standard terminology among Earth angels, Vine uses “lightworker” and “Earth angel” almost interchangeably, and Virtue’s Earth Angels book doesn’t make a significant distinction between the terms.

Maybe that they’ve never fit in with society, or they’re the odd one out in the family. They often have a strong sense of purpose, even if they don’t know what that is.

In any case, Earth angels’ spiritual missions aren’t easy. They feel that they’re extremely sensitive to negativity thanks to their celestial origins.

“When we’re not in human form, [when we’re] in spirit, we’re just energy, like everything in the universe is,” Vine explains. “So it can be uncomfortable. Earth angels are highly sensitive. They can pick up the emotions of other people. They’re very sensitive to harsh chemicals or violence of any kind. It really hurts—I can really feel that on a deeper level.”

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How else can a person know if they’re an Earth angel?

“They’ve always felt different,” Vine says. “Maybe that they’ve never fit in with society, or they’re the odd one out in the family. They often have a strong sense of purpose, even if they don’t know what that is. But most of them are very kind and giving or they’re teaching and healing.”

2. The “awakening” happens differently for every person.

Vine recalls one moment from her childhood where her inner angel came out (albeit momentarily).

“When I was very young—I must have been about 3 or 4—I can remember laying in bed, looking at my hand and thinking, ‘Oh, my God, I’m back in a body! I’m back! I’m in a body!’ And I yelled at my mum, ‘I’m back, I’m alive!’ She was like, ‘Of course you are.'”

Statue of woman angel
Joseph Northcutt on Unsplash

Vine didn’t think about that experience very often until many years later, when she picked up the book Earth Angels, written by spiritualist author Doreen Virtue.

“When I first read it, I knew,” she recalls. “But it wasn’t until I started life coaching clients 10 years ago that I realized: There are so many people that don’t know they are Earth angels. There’s so many people on the planet that have no idea. When they find out, it makes sense. It helps them make a bit more sense out of their lives, and helps them understand themselves a bit better.”

3. Many of them can “feel” their wings.

We put “feel” in quotes because the sensation isn’t the same for every Earth angel, Vine tells us.

“In the past, I’ve felt [wings],” she says. “But it’s not something I feel all the time. Most of the time, I don’t. There are some people who can strongly feel [wings] when going to their higher self—I can feel them then, but otherwise, no.”

Back of woman wearing all white, with angel wings, and flower crown.
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“We’ve all got different senses. Like with people who can talk to spirits—some can see them, some can hear them, some can sense them. We have different ways of interpreting things, and it depends on what gifts we have and how developed those gifts are.”

… we don’t go around wearing wings and thinking we’re someone special or better than anyone else. Most people are just normal people.

With that said, people focus on the wings a little too much. Earlier this year, British tabloid Daily Mail interviewed Vine and several other Earth angels; for the story, she wore an angelic costume, which she says sent the wrong idea.

“When I was in the paper in the UK, we wore big angel wings,” she says, “and some people loved it, but we got a hell of a lot of backlash from that. We don’t go around wearing angel wings for several reasons. One, they’re very difficult to get through doors. But two, we don’t go around wearing wings and thinking we’re someone special or better than anyone else. Most people are just normal people.”

4. They don’t feel that they’re better than anyone else.

We asked Vine how she’d respond to people who accuse Earth angels of having delusions of grandeur—a belief of supernatural superiority.

“There are plenty of people on the planet who think they are better than other people, and [those beliefs] come from their egos or positions of power,” she says. “But to me, we are all equal. I don’t class myself better than a man on the street. We’re just all on different paths, and we all have different purposes.”

“Earth angels are everywhere, and we’re not better than anyone else on the planet, but we do have another reason for being here, and that is to help raise positivity and love, and the good vibes to help spread it over the planet. To help counterbalance the negative stuff going on.”

That also means that Earth angels aren’t perfect.

Attic room with woman wearing angel wings stepping out of window
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“I swear quite a lot, actually,” Vine says. “And I don’t judge myself and think, ‘Oh, I can’t be an angel because I do all those things.’ I’m still having a human experience. If I enjoy something, I’m going to do it. Lots of people think Earth angels have to be angelic and holier than thou, and that’s complete and utter rubbish.”

5. They’re not exclusively Christian.

When we think about angels, we think about Christian mythology. While many Earth angels are Christian, that’s not exclusively true.

“It doesn’t matter how old you are, what race or religion you are,” Vine says. It does not matter—any of that.”

I know it can be a bit out there, and some people aren’t ready to hear that sort of thing.

That seemed surprising to us. However, Vine says that her beliefs are totally inclusive; to understand why, we have to understand what the term “angel” really means to her.

“We are in the first dimension here, but we have visions on the planet, we just can’t see them, because they’re in another dimension,” she says. “I believe the planet can hold many dimensions. I know it can be a bit out there, and some people aren’t ready to hear that sort of thing.”

“There’s people that see angels, that see people who have passed on, that see fairies, that have seen things. Not everyone has the gift of spiritual sight, and I am not a seer. I don’t see things. But I feel things. I know things. I get metaphor images. And I just trust that [sense], because I’ve learned to trust my gut and my inner truth instead of ignoring it.”

“And sometimes people need to learn that themselves so they do start trusting themselves. I believe there are many different dimensions, many different realities. And there’s so much that we just cannot understand or comprehend with the human mind.”

6. Earth angels don’t really worry about whether others believe them.

When she asked us, we told Vine that we don’t share her beliefs—at least not in a literal sense. With that said, we can understand the Earth angel movement as a sort of metaphor for becoming more spiritual.

Our souls are multifaceted, so being an Earth angel is just one aspect of who we really are.

Strip out the stuff about wings and alternate dimensions, and the Earth angels are basically just kind people embarking on a spiritual journey, trying to understand why they feel so different. Vine says that’s a perfectly fine interpretation of the movement.

Dark background with red light, profile of person from back, with a neon red halo
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“Realizing you’re an Earth angel—it’s an awakening,” she explains. “And it’s the first step, I believe, in helping people to remember who they really are. But it’s just an aspect of who they are. We’re like diamonds; we’re multi-faceted beings. …Our souls are multifaceted, so being an Earth angel is just one aspect of who we really are.”

We asked whether she has any advice for people experiencing that awakening for the first time.

“The first thing is that they’re not alone,” she says. “There are tons of people out there that have been through it, and we help each other.”


“Really, they need to trust their instincts, trust what resonates with them. There are people out there—they come to manipulate [Earth angels], to get money from people, so be wary of that. Really trust your instincts and go with what resonates. And keep learning, keep yourself open—there’s so much information out there—and to know they’re not alone and so loved and appreciated.”

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