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1. “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

Imagine if the Wayans brothers directed the Matthew Broderick film. It just might have worked.

urbo image JameshunterRN/Imgur

2. “Star Wars”

This appears to be a “Star Wars” video game cover instead of the movie cover. Also, check out that WordArt font.

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3. “Star Wars” meets “Predator”

“Get back to the Pod Racer!” It is unclear what “Science Fiction Perform Distinctive” means, but it would be great to see this mash-up.

urbo image C2a1d1897b/Imgur

4. “True Detective”

The phrase “Full frontal action” seems like it should be on the cover of a much different type of DVD.

urbo image BradleyFriesen/Imgur

5. “MacGyver”

That is one beefy MacGyver. It looks like someone has been hitting the protein shakes hard.

urbo image WaiYuLookAtMyUsername/Imgur

6. “I Am Legend”

“I Am Legend” is a post-apocalyptic blockbuster movie starring Adam Sandler. Or was it Will Smith? Sandler and Smith are so similar, we can’t tell.

urbo image Mondo R./Flipboard

7. A Thriller Collection

This action-packed five-part thriller opens with the dramatic “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” and closes with the classic psych-drama “A Lot Like Love.” The spy-thriller “Herbie Fully Loaded” eclipses all of the other films in terms of pure suspense.

urbo image Brian Sawyer/Flickr

8. “SuperBabies”

It’s always best to have the most scathing review of your film on the front cover. Who couldn’t pass up a film with “no redeeming qualities.”

urbo image James Trosh/Flickr

9. “BBC”

Maybe this is a bootleg of “Planet Earth” that was produced by the BBC? Or maybe it’s a film about the BBC taking over the world. Who knows?

urbo image glasskites1/Imgur

10. “Game of Thrones”

Come on, we all know Ned Stark died in season one (spoiler alert). Maybe they are suggesting that Ned Stark be reincarnated as Thor?

urbo image Michael/Flickr

11. “Harry Potter II”

There are many things at play on this cover. Focus your attention on the front quote, “engaging lonely between.” What exactly does that mean?

urbo image Indi Samarajiva/Flickr

12. “Capote”

The tone of this movie would have been dramatically different had there been flaming porn stars in it.

urbo image MoSJ/Imgur

13. “Drive”

Remember when Ryan Gosling starred in the video game “Far Cry”? Don’t worry, neither does anyone else.

urbo image C2a1d1897b/Flickr

14. “50 First Dates”

In this version of the cover, Drew Barrymore farted and Adam Sandler approved. Unfortunately, this did not make the cut on the U.S release.

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15. “Die Hard”

Bruce Willis’ performance in “Reluctant Hero 2” cemented him as one of the premier action stars of his generation. In the sequel he was even tougher because “this time he has shoes!”

urbo image kidjingo/Imgur

16. “J. Edgar”

This version seems much more eventful than the actual movie. There are a lot more guns here than there are in the regular version.

urbo image @StaggeringStewB/Twitter

17. “Lincoln”

This is almost passable until you check out the quote in the top corner. “He’s wearing jeans, for Christ’s sake.”

urbo image @cungss/Twitter

18. “Taken 3”

Once again, you typically want to save the best quote for the cover. For this they went with, “So terrible it was actually funny.”