1. This person woke up with only a thin piece of fabric separating them from this…

2. Talk about bad news…

3. A leg isn’t supposed to bend that way.

4. Someone’s been watching too much Dukes of Hazzard 

5. This poor kitten sums up what adult life is like.

6. “Why ever would you think I’m growing marijuana?”

7. Leave it, who needs money anyways? 

8. Not exactly your perfect wedding day. 

The groom is blissfully unaware. 

9. Double door, sweet! 

10. The perfect selfie. 

11. “If I don’t move maybe no one will notice.”

12. Birds really don’t like Mazda Miatas. 

13. TFW your new landlord doesn’t appreciate your love for Middle-Earth.

14. The worst possible outcome if you are hungover. 

15. Not a good day for the postman. 

16. Control is only an illusion to soothe the mind.