If you’re in serious need of some structure in your life (or if you simply enjoy sleek aesthetics), a geometric manicure should be at the top of your must-try list. To give yourself this methodical manicure, all you’ll need is polish, striping tape, and inspiration! Below are 14 darling designs to get your creative juices flowing: 

1. Think way back to the good old days of elementary school. Chances are when you learned your shapes, you started drawing and memorizing the easiest ones first. Approach this manicure the same way—start simple. Triangles are the perfect option for a modern yet sleek style.

2. Once you’ve mastered the art of painting basic shapes, try sporting a style that’s slightly more advanced. (Don’t underestimate the difficulty of drawing straight lines! This is where your striping tape will come in handy.)  

3. If you’re feeling especially confident in your new craft, you could paint a pattern on every nail, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves now. Try geometric accent nails—like the adorable, pastel set pictured below—for a foolproof way of grabbing someone’s attention.

4. You are going to love the satisfying feeling of creating smooth and sophisticated styles. Bring out your inner 20s flapper girl by going for this Art Deco inspired design. Think modern Great Gatsby.

5. Practice makes perfect! It’s easier to achieve accuracy if you assign your geometric masterpieces to one or two specific nails. Filling in some of the panels with glitter adds dimension to this stained glass design!   

6. Of course, not all of your lines need to be straight. Mix things up a bit and to make them all the more mesmerizing.

7. These tips are terrific! With a design as detailed as this one, color selection becomes just as important as shape creation.  

8. No matter how skilled you become at sketching elaborate looks, never forget there’s beauty in the simple designs as well.  

9. Dare to unite trends. For example, this manicure of geometric and galaxy nail art is truly out of this world!

10. This next look is the epitome of organized chaos,  and it’s the intentional lack of balance is exactly what makes these so stunning!

11. Remember the plastic shapes your elementary school teachers let you play with? Just as you did then, use your imagination to create picture-perfect patterns!

12. Paint surprises into your designs! Who knows they might capture someone’s heart. 

13. Using a glitter polish to create your shapes will add an element of whimsy to your otherwise structured style. In this case, the triangles resemble radiant rainbow prisms (or unicorn horns for a touch of whimsy.)   

14. Go retro! Geometric manicures are also an easy way to recreate designs that were popular in previous decades.   

Here is a tutorial to help you get started: