No matter how much time goes by, fan love for the Harry Potter film franchise will never waver, nor—it seems—will the original cast’s love for one another! Below are 10 memorable moments that prove just how tight-knit these terrific talents really became:

1. Nothing like a little friendly competition!  

2. What pals don’t instigate a prank or two…or 10?! The set was surely never boring when these brothers were around.  

3. You know you’ve finally arrived at friends-for-life status when you bust out the blackmail card. 

4. That moment you’re told to kiss someone in your friend group…

5. Clearly it went well. 

6. Playing a punk presents its share of challenges, but, at least, he knows his HP castmates completely adore him. 

7. Shenanigans were never in short supply. 

8. Friends have no secrets! At least they were able to deal with the struggles of growing up in the limelight together.  

9. They learned to roll with the punches…no matter how hard the hit!

10. So, really, they should just plan on reuniting regularly, right? (Come on, PLEASE!)