1. There Wasn’t An Expiration Date 

At least he tried. 

2. Over Vs. Under – The Great War

Even toilet paper agrees that “over” is the correct way. 

3. The Bane Of Older Brothers

If you were an older cousin or sibling, you know this moment way too well. 

4. Priorities

You just can’t win these days. What kind of girl says this? 

5. When You’re Way Too Good At Faking Snapchats 

This guy is going places in life. 

6. When Your Standards Are Way Too High

Your best friend is actually a close second. You always come in first. 

7. They’re Basically The Same

It’s all about context… or something. 

8. This Dude Is Way Too Awesome For A Date

He’s a portrait of self confidence. 

9. Nature Isn’t Always Brutal

The bird is just being a kind citizen. Nothing to see here folks! 

10. Everyone Has A Grandparent Like This

This is how you know you’re being spoiled. Granny doesn’t pop wheelies unless she really loves you.